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The Next Evolution of Time/Space

As we enter the era of crystalline time, linear time, as we have known it, ceases to exist in its 3-dimensional form. We will still have time, but it’s intimately connected with space in equal arrangements, creating a 4-dimensional experience. This is illustrated by time crystals, which physicists first imagined in 2012 and created five years later. Everything is changing in alignment with crystalline structure. The atoms and molecules that comprise our DNA are aligning themselves symmetrically for perfect functioning and expression of vitality. If we can think like quantum physicists or esoteric mathematicians, we can imagine a world of four dimensions. It is not linear. It is energetic and can manifest according to our openness to its energy and willingness to recognize it. It requires transcendence beyond our limiting beliefs about ourselves and is an evolutionary leap in our conscious awareness.

Now that time crystals are within the awareness of humanity, their energetic appearance is having an effect on human consciousness. Our presence of awareness is expanding into universal consciousness, within which we arise in our essence and receive infinite creative ability. Because we are quantum in our essence, we can realize our own awareness within expanding consciousness. Whatever experience we want, we can create by aligning our attention with its vibratory quality in gratitude and joy. Our creative ability is limited only by our limiting beliefs about ourselves. We can resolve and transcend them in a dimension without fear. Negativity cannot exist in the geometric structure of crystalline time, because negativity is an entropic anomaly in consciousness. There is only the life-enhancing energy of unconditional love.

Not knowing who we truly are allows for suffering, anger and fear, and we believe that everything ultimately ceases to exist. We are free to think and feel however we want, and to believe whatever we want. In doing so, we create the qualities of our experiences. There are no requirements of any kind imposed upon us outside of our own consciousness. We fill our lives with the energies that we pay attention to and align with emotionally, whether positively or negatively. What we are doing is creating new or repetitive experiences for ourselves. Our experiences on this planet have taught us that we prefer to be free of negativity, and instead to live in love and joy.

In our ego consciousness this kind of world is unimaginable, because the ego consists of limiting beliefs about ourselves. All of these must be resolved and transcended for us to evolve to the next level of awareness without fear. By paying attention to life-enhancing people, energies and scenarios as we move through our lives, we create the energetic environment for conscious expansion in infinite awareness.

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