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Ken Schmitt, author

Kenneth Schmitt

The author and designer of this site is Ken Schmitt. The images are scenes I've photographed on my home island of Maui, Hawaii.


All of the ideas presented have come through my intuition and life experiences. While spending years wandering through the wilderness, I often dropped into deep meditation and zero point consciousness. Listening to the sounds and observing the wonders of nature, I've learned to attune to the resonance of the the Spirit of the Earth and understand the workings of life. It is my intention that my understanding may be helpful to others on the spiritual path.

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Kenneth Schmitt, author, in Maui rainforest

Ken Schmitt in the rainforest, Maui


Zero-Point Awareness

What is zero-point awareness? Let me give an example. Once I was free climbing a rock cliff, scaling a dry waterfall. While climbing my attention was completely upon each successive move, testing the stability of my next grip and surveying the route above, without fear or expectations. My awareness was completely present. Any misjudgment or unbalanced move could result in death. That clarity of presence is zero-point awareness.


About 40 feet up, the rock I had just tested disintegrated under my weight. As I began to fall, I felt myself entering another death experience (I’d had two previously, and they gave me experiences in another dimension). This sent me into a timeless dimension, where I experienced all of my life experiences where I hurt someone, felt victimized, or felt any intention arising from fear of any sort. There was a lot to experience. It seemed like hours of alternate-reality-like visions with strange and richly powerful emotions. Suddenly my feet landed on a ledge that mysteriously appeared beneath me, and I stayed upright on it. I had fallen about 15 feet and shifted into another dimension. I felt someone watching me. I turned to see an owl perched about 50 feet from me. For a few seconds we locked eyes, then (s)he flew off.


And my consciousness was forever changed. I knew how I wanted to live. I knew that this lifetime is different from any other. I am to remember who I AM in a truly cosmic sense. Intuitively I knew that I am an awareness in the consciousness that is everyone and everything. We are not bound by anything that is not in our own consciousness. Everything we experience is mirrored from the energy we extend through our thoughts and feelings. We create the quality of every circumstance we experience. By changing the quality of our beliefs, emotions and intentions, we can change our experiences, regardless of the environment we find ourselves in.

My state of mind was completely open while simultaneously totally focused with inner assurance and gratitude, free of any desire or fear of any eventualities--just being present and aware that I am aware. I realized that we are multi-dimensional beyond time and space. That is zero-point consciousness for me. It is from this perspective that I know what I know. I can feel my way into the heart of my Being and experience the joy and love that abides within. If you have missed this experience, then may this site help to draw you into it.

This era is the beginning of humanity’s awakening and expanding into a higher frequency of being—a spectrum of energy that is wonderful in every way with regenerated bodies in perfect health and well-being enjoying perfect weather on a regenerated Earth filled with vitality. We are becoming Light Beings enjoying infinitely creative abilities that we use to create beauty, abundance and loving experiences always. We are withdrawing our attention from all appearances of the dark force, which is dissolving from its inability to consume our life force. We intuitively know and feel the path of the light with unconditional love and compassion. This is where we can live in divine awareness in every circumstance. Soon all circumstances can become joyful experiences, and we are well on our way into the new world of compassion and forgiveness, love, joy, peace, beauty, gratitude and abundance in every way.

Kenneth Schmitt, author, enjoying a rappelling adventure.

Ken rappelling down Puohokamoa Valley, Maui

How I Envision We Can Be


We can willfully intend to be always in gratitude and filled with divine energy and vitality!


We Are pure awareness in our essence of Being, and we can be constantly in gratitude and joy, knowing that We Are fractals of the Infinite One, endowed with infinite love and creative ability. Through our heart-energy, We participate in the One Consciousness of the Creator and have access to the infinity of All. In love and compassion, we can encounter all beings. All of our actions can be initiated by our conscious Self-awareness in the heart of our Being. It can be our conscious intent through our intuitive knowing to see the light of the Creator in everyone and to be our glowing, high-vibratory Self. In our visions we can be Light Workers, expressing our heart-energy. We can serve Gaia’s ascension process along with humanity’s ascension in accordance with divine purpose. When aligned with Divine intent, Our powers of realization are unlimited.

Here is our journey in consciousness, as I have come to know it.

We are learning the principles of free will in order to be  responsible creators. We may impose nothing on another. Our ego is also learning to be aligned with our true, essential Self, whom we intuitively are, through our heart-energy. We can move beyond making unsolicited projections toward others, especially anything that is judgmental or superior. We can live in the radiance of our heart, releasing all attention to anything that distracts from our awareness of the Presence of our Higher Self, feeling the energy spectrum of unconditional love and joy. Anything that interferes with our heart-energy awareness will fall away from our consciousness, as we withdraw our life force from it through our intentional alignment with our heart.

Knowing deeply that we are in essence the divine One, We honor all thoughts and feelings of our heart-energy consciousness. Our knowing is through our sensitivity and intuitive awareness. This is Self-Realization. In this process We are inviting our innate consciousness to release all boundaries enclosing or blocking the awareness of our deepest being. We rest joyfully in our Self-Awareness, until there is a request for our attention to act or dissolve something. Our ego mind can be silent until called upon. All of our projected thoughts and emotions are creative, manifesting in the dimension of our conscious awareness. We are learning to be cautious with our projections, taking care that they embody only heart-energy intent.


Our creations may begin with an imaginary vision, music or feeling and continue into a joyous experience. We can enjoy imagining and feeling our creations. Past experiences need not be in of our attention. We can intend to create only new experiences. We can live in our imagination, knowing whatever we imagine will be an experience of that polarity and frequency. As we become more centered in our heart energy, our creations become more powerful and immediate. We are creating a new world in alignment with divine intent of life-enhancement. Creations in this frequency octave of energy appear with miracles and wonders in the world of duality. In the positive, higher frequencies there are no limitations. We may project our creative imagination into manifesting all the desires of our heart-energy. We can be immune to any aggression from darkness, because We are in a positive higher frequency of consciousness. We can be in a different polarity and octave of frequency from darkness and be invisible to it. Beings can perceive only what they believe to be real. Through the love in our heart, we can merge with the Light into a realm of greatly expanded conscious awareness in deepest love. Our essence is infinite and eternal Presence of Awareness.

In our encounters with others, We can be aware of their needs and desires while sending them heartfelt love and compassion. We are multidimensional, living in the physical, as well as purely energetic realms. Our interest can be utilizing extraordinary talents and abilities to continuously expand our awareness of ever deeper love and joy.

We can invite our guides and angels to be in our presence, where we honor them with our attention. We can intend that our intuitive abilities be enhanced, and our inner eye to be always open.


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