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Probing the Extent of Our Influence

The creative aspect of our consciousness is how we use our attention and awareness. This determines our personal vibratory signature and the nature of the energy that we radiate.


In their attempt to determine the abilities of photons and other subatomic entities, quantum physicists have seen that there are no limits to the awareness of the smallest identifiable entities that provide our empirical reality. They exist in our awareness as we recognize their energy signature, which we know by location and velocity, at different times, and in their essence.  For centuries we thought they were physical particles. Upon closer examination, however, scientists have found that there is no particle. It exists only in our imagination. It is what we recognize and thus interact with in our imagination. A subatomic entity has no physicality, only a non-localized presence of awareness, just like us. Our physical bodies consist of the energetic signature that we realize as ours. Our realization creates the quality of our experience. Like the awareness of our constituent photons, we also have infinite awareness, limited only by our own beliefs about ourselves.


The water experiment of Dr. Masaru Imoto shows how we influence water to express its creative essence, by exposing drops of water to different qualities of thought and emotion while freezing the water. In its frozen state each drop formed a crystalline pattern. The water exposed to fear and negative thoughts exhibited distorted forms; whereas, the water exposed to love and positive vibrations expressed itself as beautiful snowflake-crystalline patterns. From this we may infer that all of the water around us has the same consciousness as the water in Dr. Imoto’s experiment. All water within and around us expresses a vibratory presence in alignment with our own.  In this sense, we are the creators of the qualities of the energy enveloping us. We are enveloped by water in the atmosphere around us, and our bodies are filled with it. Its expression is our expression. With our attention and realization, we are creating its qualities in every moment.


When we realize that we have creative ability with water, the extent to which we can use this ability is our own choice. If we have limiting beliefs about ourselves, we can go only that far. If we express only gratitude and beauty, our enveloping environment of water also expresses that energy. This is how we can transform our lives and create a new world. We can also go further in our understanding. If we, with our own electromagnetic emissions, influence the expressions of water, it is logically supportive to allow for similar affects on all of our constituent entities, so that we can recognize that we share our essence with everyone and everything everywhere and always. We are the ones that radiate our thoughts and feelings into our environment and create every quality that we express.

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