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Communicating in an Alternative Trance

By intentional focus on an intersecting point of dimensions of realization, we can recognize choices of realities. When we choose the awareness that arises from deep within our own consciousness, we ultimately arrive at our own essence of Being. We realize that we are forever a presence of infinite awareness, expressing ourselves in part as our human person, living a script that we can modify according to our personal vibratory spectrum. Because we are fractals of the consciousness that creates everything always, we are always creating energetic expressions through the workings of our attention and emotional alignment in polarity and frequency.  When we are loving and compassionate, we attract those energies and can live in a reality of love and compassion.


Regardless of how we got into the situation that we are in, we always have a choice of whether we wish to remain in this energetic spectrum or experience another one. The energy that is the source of our life force is constantly flowing through us as much as we allow. Flowing through the heart of our Being, our life force constantly imbues us with vitality and well-being. This is our natural energetic expression. With our ability to choose our thoughts and feelings in every moment, we can either align with the vibratory patterns of our essence, or we can choose a different state of being, one that contains some aspect of fear and judgment.


The world of duality of good and evil is real for us when we realize it as such. If we change our realization, a different world presents itself for us. We may be able to envision it, and we can always feel its vibratory range. In every situation, by paying attention to the polarity and frequency that we perceive in a deep and meaningful way, we can become entranced in the vibratory spectrum and align ourselves with its reality. It’s like witnessing a holographic movie that we’re participating in.


By being aware of the energetic patterns that are enveloping us, we can discern the energies coming from the source and vitality of our life. They are always energies that enhance all life, and we can choose any that we want to experience by paying attention to its vibratory patterns and feeling its qualities.  By being accepting and grateful in every situation, we attract experiences that enhance those feelings. As we learn to focus passionately with love and compassion, we do not exist in the world of good and evil. We change our reality to the world of the consciousness of our heart.

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