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West Maui canyons at 4000'. Inspiration and majesty.

top of Mauna Kahalawai, Maui

photo © by Ken Schmitt

The Enlightened Role of the Negative Elite


Why are psychopaths in our lives? Why do we have to experience human slavery in all of its forms? How does this work from a higher perspective?

In simple terms they are here to teach us deeper love and compassion, which we learn from suffering and tragedy. We can realize this only when we are aligned with the expanded consciousness of our heart.

We have been trained to react negatively to those who cheat and lie to us, especially to those who are truly evil, especially toward children. We are here to experience every form of energy that we have called into our lives. If we pay attention to everything, especially our most subtle feelings, we become able to transform every circumstance into a miracle of love and joy.

To begin this process, we need to become clear on every level. We need to release every deeply-held trauma and fear that we probably don’t even know exist in our psyches. We meet them when an anomalous urge comes up to our attention, and we recognize that it is not compatible with higher-frequency energy. When we are untrue, even a little, we have a hint of deep fear that is arising because we feel threatened by transparency. Fear wants to protect us from any form of pain or trauma. It can direct us to hate someone, especially one to whom we have given authority over us, and we believe that the authority is being abused, and especially if we believe we can do nothing about it.

We are sovereign beings, and no other entity can mistreat us without our permission, although we can be tricked into giving our consent without our conscious awareness. This is what we’ve subjected ourselves to. We have agreed to undergo these experiences in order to learn how to transform them. If the lessons were easy, we could not be able to gain the proficiency that we desire.

The world that we live in appears to be real, but it’s all a complex configuration of energies, vibrating within a limited spectrum of frequencies, that our senses perceive as empirical. Through our personal perspective within the conscious awareness of humanity, we create the quality of our experiences. In unawakened beings each experience results from an emotional state that elicited imaginary scenes from the past or the future. An awakened being lives in awareness within the present moment, moving in rhythm with deepest knowing.  There are no fears or expectations—only the desires of the heart moving into manifestation through love and joy.  

The natural path to expanded consciousness results in showering love, compassion and joy on everyone who comes into our awareness. We recognize that we are all the same Being in our deepest consciousness. In our heart we are all sparks of light. The aware ones are loving, singing and dancing the unawakened ones into higher-conscious awareness and deepest love, while knowing that we are infinitely powerful creators of our heart’s desires and invulnerable from the lower spectrum of frequencies that have resonated on the Earth for so many lifetimes. With our consciousness we are transforming these lower frequencies into a higher dimensional world.


Removing Blocks to Expanded Consciousness

Whenever I begin to exaggerate something, I observe what I’m doing without interfering with the exaggeration. As the exaggeration plays out, I recognize that I have an underlying fear that has created victimhood in an attempt to overcompensate for the deep fear of being less-than, and as a result creating the temptation to exaggerate my position. This has now come to my attention, and I can recognize the profoundness of this attempt to be my expanded self through the operations of the mind—the conscious self. I now recognize that my heart knows my true self in a high-vibratory spectrum of energy. I am naturally attracted to this frequency, because I feel the unconditional love and joy enter my being. This high-frequency spectrum transforms all low-frequency energy by the encounter of these energies. The high-frequency spectrum is a divine creation with unlimited creative potential and is protected by the inability of low-frequency energy to penetrate it. They are of different polarity and levels of frequency, resulting in parallel worlds. The transformation is in our own consciousness, once we know unconditional love and joy, which can only be known in its own frequency spectrum. This level of frequency is octaves above humanity’s current state of being. As our level of heart-consciousness rises, we radiate this transformation to all around us and throughout our species. This is how the growing number of awakened humans is raising the consciousness of humanity. We are altering the consciousness of humanity in the direction that we all deeply want to go—into the realm of deepest love, trust, freedom, gratitude and joy. Here we have no dependencies outside of our own creative ability.

We already have that creative ability, because we are constantly creating our experiences through the quality of our emotions in collaboration with our awareness and attention, and even more so by our deepest fears. From here the only way to expanded consciousness is to recognize those fears. We begin by being aware of the times we find ourselves doing something that we know is not true to our higher self. We can look at the motivation. What is the real story here, with all of the subtleties and suppressed fears? Once we recognize the truth, we don’t need this fear any more. We can thank it for protecting us. We can realize the presence of the One Source of all energy in the greatest love and light. Challenging experiences are energy that we molded through our creative impulse at the time of the appearance of these fears. If these experiences were not created in love and joy, they had to come forth as low-frequency experiences without love. By loving these experiences that we created and recognizing the learning and wisdom they offered us, we could free ourselves from them and can use our newly-recognized expanded consciousness to keep growing and expanding. We can raise our vibration into the spectrum of the energy of the heart of our Being.

Challenges to Following Our Heart Energy

Currently humanity is facing chaos, pandemic, riots, demonstrations and threats of war and revolution in many countries. People feel vulnerable, threatened and fearful. How does one live in the matrix of these energies and be the disinterested observer, while projecting love, forgiveness, compassion and joy as a state of being? The atmosphere of fear is a negative polarity, low-frequency energy which may be transformed with higher-frequency energy. This is the basis for the realization that unconditional love is the most powerful and transformative force in existence. It is the natural essence of everything, which is why we are drawn to the feelings of love, joy and peace.

We can elicit these emotions at will, if we practice doing so. By being in a state of joy, we radiate that feeling and transform our life experiences. We are multi-dimensional beings who can be anywhere we focus our awareness. We are limited only by our deepest fears and traumas. Once we recognize our limitations, we can lovingly forgive any grudges, knowing that all of our experiences have been for our learning and ultimately for the expansion of our conscious awareness. There are no random accidents or happenings. We are being asked to pay attention to everything and understand what is going on. Recognize that every dimension has a plan that we cannot change.

What matters is how we react, receive or just observe what happens. We are naturally sovereign beings, and nothing can affect us adversely without our permission. By being aware of our heart energy—the love and the joy and the gratitude—we become the observers who naturally have an expansive awareness and acceptance of every scene and experience that we interact within. The part of our lives that seems to be outside of us is a reflection of our state of being—the frequency spectrum that we live within. We can intentionally be aware of feelings of higher vibrations. This awareness attracts experiences of the same quality, eliciting higher frequency-feeling situations or energy patterns.

Darkness doesn’t actually exist apart from our attention, which gives it our life force. It’s just a low-frequency spectrum which doesn’t feel good to be in. If we find ourselves in this kind of environment, we’ll feel motivated to leave and look for a better-feeling space. If we can’t leave, we will need a strong intention to be in the light—to envelope our being in light and love, withdrawing our support for the dark energy by raising our vibrations through the energy of our heart.

Haleakala Silversword. Amazing vitality in the sub-alpine desert.

photo © by Ken Schmitt

Haleakala Silversword

The Awakening Consciousness

The first step toward an awakened consciousness is recognizing all of our suppressed emotions—those that surround our awareness with boundaries based on fear. These must be brought into conscious awareness and accepted, loved and thanked for the experience we received, and then forgiven and dissolved, never to become a focus of energy again, as we withdraw our life force from these boundaries. By going through this kind of character processing, eventually we become completely free to roam the infinity of divine consciousness.

We can begin by learning how to bring forth grateful, loving emotions, knowing that we are unlimited in our conscious awareness. Our personal awareness is eternal, timeless, always present. We may be embodied or not. Our true nature is self-awareness in infinite Love. The more we can imagine being open to this and feeling it, the more it becomes our life stream. We can become aware of the energy current that comes through our heart. It always feels loving, joyful, peaceful, compassionate and understanding. This is our true nature. We are naturally potentially unlimited in our awareness of energetic dimensions beyond the empirical.

Those in the empirical frequency spectrum are unaware of anyone vibrating in the next higher octave. Our beliefs and perceptions are limited within the spectrum shared within our human-race-consciousness. To move beyond this frequency spectrum, we become energetically invisible to those vibrating in the lower frequency range, just as human eyesight operates within limited boundaries. As a result, we are protected from low-frequency beings, who are not aware of us.

All beings in our new world are moved by heart-energy. The entire realm is beautiful, energized with joy and well-being. We recognize that we all share the same consciousness, including all beings and things created by the Creator. We are all telepathic, empathic, and possess every other advanced ability. Our abilities are all infinite, because we are aspects of the Creator, endowed with the ability to focus the Creator's powers through our conscious awareness. We do this by living at zero point emotionally and mentally, having no attachment to the outcome of anything we create. We just enjoy participating in the process and letting our naturally creative powers run with our visions, empowered by our emotions, always for the good of all. We can recognize one another as divine beings of Light and Love in the radiance of our heart energy. We can create the fulfillment of our heart’s desires.


Personal Competency

How well are we able to step aside and be in the presence of the higher consciousness of our heart energy while living an active life in the empirical matrix? The answer is especially important when faced with a powerful challenge. As long as the consciousness of humanity resonates at a low, negatively-polarized frequency, we will be faced with situations that were created without love and are held in existence by the life force of their creators. All of this will be left behind without any substance as the low-frequency energy dissolves into the loving, high-frequency resonance of our heart essence, prompted by the high-frequency plasma gamma ray photons flowing through us from our galactic core. This is how we are creating the new world of joyous living, full of vitality and goodness.

We have been programed to wall off our awareness of the universes within the One Consciousness that we all share. We experience only limited consciousness because of the barriers that have been placed deep in our innate being—our personal beliefs and deepest, most secretive, fearful energy hidden in our subconscious. Once we know this, we can begin to be sensitive to these movements in our motivations. As they come to light in our awareness, we can acknowledge with gratitude their attempts to keep our egos from being overwhelmed with energy that is not generally realized among humanity. We no longer need these barriers in our conscious awareness, and we can dismiss them in love and compassion and let them dissolve as we reclaim our life force from them. As we increase our sensitivity to our heart energy, we continue to clear our deepest subconscious fears. They have kept us from being mentally and emotionally clear and present.

We’re becoming aware of our true being. We’re learning to imagine, empower and release blessings for all of humanity and every group and individual that comes into our awareness. We’re learning to recognize that we are all of the same conscious awareness, allowing for telepathy and much more. This realization opens to us everyone’s intentions, interests and thoughts. We all become honest and truthful. Our awareness expands and continues to expand as we intentionally participate in the One Consciousness that we know through our heart energy.

West Maui sea cliffs inspiring wonder and majesty

Northern coast of West Maui

photo © by Ken Schmitt

How to Live Successfully in the Matrix

We can now realize that we are graduating from lives involved in an illusory matrix of confusing energy and much low-vibration dark energy. Those who control that realm live in constant fear, which has moved them to seek power over humanity. Now we can recognize their role in our experiences as challenges to us, requiring us to look deeper into our hearts and recognize that we are powerful Beings who cannot be controlled, once we know who we truly are. We can thank them for their service, which costs them their own life force. We can forgive them and release all negative feeling toward them, for they are also beings of light who may awaken to their true identity with our blessing.

The only way we can know how to live under these conditions is to follow our heart. We can look deeply into our intuition and feel what resonates with us as love, joy, peace and compassion. We can go with those feelings and know that we are infinitely powerful creator Beings—fractals of the divine Creator and possessing all of the attributes of the Creator in our true Self. Without giving our power away to the dark ones and enabling them to function destructively, using our life-force, our light, without our true conscious permission, we can recognize that they need the life force inherent in our fear in order to survive. If we withdraw our attention from their threats and intimidation, and instead confidently feel our heart energy, we can transform our experiences into love and joy, when we can feel it with full confidence. This is when the energy of life rises to a higher octave in resonance. Everything changes to align with that energy, and life becomes wonderful.

Maui canyon from 4400'. Pristine indigenous vitality.

Ukumehame Canyon, Maui

Photo © by Ken Schmitt

Why Are We on This Planet?


The resonant frequency of the Earth has been increasing for years. Historically it was 7.83 cycles per second. Here’s the URL for the Earth’s frequency, called the Shumann Resonance: Now we’re getting blasts of plasma gamma ray photons that cause the Earth’s frequency to interact with these 40- to 100-cycle-per-second energy blasts. It now appears as if the Earth is vibrating in at least four octaves of resonant frequency. Why am I mentioning this? Because the resonant frequency of humanity is being blasted with high-frequency gamma rays as well, and those of us who are sensitive to higher-frequency energy are feeling more united in spirit, more loving and willing to forgive. Humanity is going through a great awakening, in which our minds calm down, and our heart energy strengthens. Humanity is beginning to awaken to the truth about the holographic matrix that we inhabit and how the quality of energy that we entertain in our awareness influences our experiential environment. Despite all of the chaos, rioting, lock-downs, mask-wearing and avoiding each other’s presence, we are beginning to know that we all share the same consciousness, along with all living beings, including the spirit of our planet, Gaia. As we manage to feel more love and joy, we inhabit a much higher octave of frequency in quantum reality. It is a kind of parallel reality that we can cross into in our consciousness, but not yet our bodies. That happens after the shift of Gaia, when she drops the holographic matrix, because humanity will no longer supports it with our life force, and we will have withdrawn our attention from it. We will all know that our feelings in this higher spectrum of resonance are wonderful, and we will have more of our infinite creative ability, as we are fractals of the divine One. Everything is about to change for the better.

No one has to go along with this. Those who are not sensitive to the higher vibrations or do not accept them, can continue to live in the world they know until they are ready to open their hearts to forgiveness, love, joy and compassion. Then their resonance will rise, and their consciousness will expand. Ascension into a new realm is our destiny. With the gamma ray blasts coming our way from the center of our universe, our destiny is coming to pass as soon as enough humans recognize who we really are and begin to penetrate the essence of life. The experience of this beautiful realm is ours to recognize and live in now.

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