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Quantum Energetics and Spirituality Vol. 1
Quantum Energetics and Spirituality Vol. 2
Quantum energetics and Spirituality Vol. 3
Quantum Energetics and Spirituality Vol. 4

We are energetic beings, and we use our imagination and emotions to modulate the energies expressed in the quantum field, which our conscious being arises out of continuously. Everything works in resonance, creating a symphony of energies. As we consciously align ourselves emotionally and imaginatively with our intentions, we create the vibratory frequency of our energetic expression. This personal energy signature attracts people and situations that are in alignment with our spectrum of vibrations. We can elevate our life experiences by intuitively aligning ourselves with the quality of the life force that is constantly flowing through our heart center, once we have cleared ourselves of all of our fears and limiting beliefs about ourselves. We can expand our consciousness as far as we’re willing to go. Feeling true unconditional love is the vibration of the world we can create with high-frequency expressions, recognizing the connection in our being in the unified quantum field with everything in form and every entity not in form. We can begin to recognize our true Being beyond our apparently physical body as a fractal of the eternal One, absolutely sovereign and infinitely creative.

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