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Insights into Heart-Mind Connections

Developing Heart-Conscious Awareness


Heart-consciousness is different from mental consciousness. In our mind, we think. In our heart, we know. Here we do not think, but our awareness fills with knowing of every kind. Heart-consciousness exists beyond our physical body and is unlimited. It is the expression of infinite consciousness within us.


Ego-consciousness is an expression of our essence without higher guidance. This results in enclosing our awareness within a small part of our consciousness. If we have a desire to expand our awareness, we can do so, by aligning with our heart-consciousness. The presence of heart-consciousness is powerfully radiant and unwavering in its enhancement of life. When we desire to align with this life-stream, we can become aware of our inner knowing and prompting, apart from thoughts and misguided emotions. We find the vibratory spectrum of our intuition by directing our awareness to the energetic state of gratitude, love and compassion. All of our inner guidance comes with positivity in support of our desires and needs. We are designed to be able to choose how we want to use the conscious life-stream that provides our presence of awareness.


As we develop increasing awareness of positive energies, we withdraw our life-force from negative energy patterns. We can let them pass through our awareness without our engagement, as we continue to direct our awareness to our inner knowing of heart-consciousness. In this state of being, we know in every moment everything we need and want to know, as long as we pay attention. At the same time, we can participate in our society and culture, but our participation now is heart-felt in every moment. This results in changing our reality from participating in negativity to living in love and joy. They are in different polarities and frequency bands. Our energetic signature now attracts encounters and experiences that are wonderful and life-enhancing. It may seem like magic, but its how energies interact and come into our awareness and realization.


With our mental and emotional abilities, we are the modulators of energetic patterns, creating the qualities that manifest in our lives. Everything that happens to us is actually happening within our consciousness. There is nothing and no one outside of consciousness, which is infinite, and we have as much awareness of it as we allow ourselves within our subconscious and conscious self-limitations.


Being guided by heart-consciousness allows us to transcend our limiting beliefs about ourselves. Heart-consciousness provides inner knowing that ego-consciousness cannot participate in, but we can direct our ego from intuition. As we develop confidence that we actually are aware of our heart-consciousness, we begin creating the lives we truly want by imagining having wonderful experiences and being constantly grateful. As more of us do this, the vibratory level of humanity rises, eventually into a higher energetic dimension of love, joy, beauty and freedom.

Being Present and Aware


We can be in the present moment—just being aware and open now. If we are naturally in a state of inner joy and love, then we enjoy being present, knowing that we are completely cared-for and invulnerable to any intrusions from the lower vibrational octave. If we need a consciousness adjustment, we can be aware of our heart energy. We can feel it and ask it to intensify its vibratory feeling into our emotional body. We’ll know when we feel the love and joy. That’s the vibration to attune to and live within. It’s the vibration of miracles and wonders in the empirical world and just the natural state of being in the higher octave of being.

In order to achieve this conscious awareness we must be free of sub-conscious emotional blocks from any past trauma. We may ask our Innate Being to bring them to our awareness one at a time. As we recognize them, we can thank them for their service of alerting us to what kind of energy we have created. We send them love from our heart. We forgive them for any of our pain. Then we withdraw our energy from them, dissolving any emotional trauma and returning to gratitude, compassion for ourselves and joy.

Haleakala from top of W. Maui's spectacular wilderness

Haleakala seen from the top of West Maui

Photo © by Ken Schmitt

Expanding Consciousness

We can stop focusing on past memories of pleasure and pain and fantasies of future pleasurable experiences. We can just be present now, doing everything in our life as we normally would, and be present in consciousness constantly. Then we can be aware of the guidance from our Oneness with the Creator. We naturally are part of the consciousness of the One. We don’t have to do anything to share the expansiveness of the One consciousness, except desire to know it and to recognize its existence. This is all part of maintaining zero-point awareness, not desiring or fearing any outcomes, just being present and acting as we feel motivated by our heart-mind energy. In this way our experiences become transformed as experiences of the Divine One.

When practicing to maintain this perspective, we can imagine living our experiences while having a complete awareness of everything in our lives and everywhere we focus always, while being at zero point with no desires or fears of outcomes. Just resting in the light and love of the Creator, we experience what we deeply believe. We will see it, when we believe it. Nothing else exists in our personal experience. By expanding and transforming our beliefs, we expand our experiences and our consciousness.

A Leap in Consciousness

To make a leap in consciousness, we must recognize unconscious attachment to past trauma or training that may be carried from former lives or previously in this life. This attachment disempowers us, as does unconscious attachment to the empirical realm with no desire to change current circumstances. When we experience fear or stress, these feelings are clues to the need for us to refocus. It’s an opportunity to imagine the most beautiful and wonderful feelings that we’re capable of. By loving those emotions with understanding and gratitude, we transform our lives. We can always be quietly joyful and loving. This is a skill that we all have. We can intentionally call forth our emotions, and when we use them from a perspective of infinite wealth and creative ability, our heart’s desires become our personal experiences.

We can live in this new world intentionally. To do so means giving up all attachment to the empirical realm as we have known it, with all its limitations and consciousness blocks. We open ourselves to participating with gratitude in a realm of joy and beauty. This is where magic happens, and every experience is wonderful. This is the realm of unconditional divine love in union with all conscious beings. Our recognition of the spark of divine life that we share with every living being means that all are loved—even those of lower frequencies. We bid them farewell from our experience by our staying with a feeling of being the master of creative expression through love and joy. 

The lower frequency beings can’t be with us because they limit their focus and desires to the lower vibrational empirical realm. We’re aware of them, and we can relate only to the divine One in each of them. The spirit of God lives in everyone, and we can recognize it and relate to it. It is the feeling of love and joy in its presence within.

If a person approaches us with a lower vibrational intent to satisfy some need or desire of the ego, we can remain in our divine perspective with no outside needs or desires. If the person of ego consciousness is able to be open to the feelings of the heart, (s)he can enter the realm of love and joy with us. If not, (s)he won’t want to be in our presence, because we cannot be sold anything, and we cannot be victims.

Haleakala rainbow around personal shadow

Facing Anomalies in our Consciousness


Without outside interference, humans are by nature loving, kind and compassionate. Our heart is designed to initiate all conscious activity. Whenever we place our attention in a way that keeps us unaware of our heart energy, we create an anomaly in the field of unconditional love that we inhabit. This anomaly adversely affects all of our life processes in our body, mind and emotions. All negative emotions do this, and they contribute to more negative energy, all arising out of fear. By being against anything we contribute to the negative anomaly. The path of the heart is to recognize the underlying fear and love it, thank it for appearing for our recognition, and then withdraw all energy from it, passing the energy to the infinite love of the heart.

Much human fear originates deep in the subconscious, carried over from previous lifetimes of trauma and torture. This deep fear can be cleared, if it is brought to our attention, usually through situations that are challenging for the ego. Once we recognize that we are in a physical or emotional state that doesn’t feel good, we can calm ourselves, take a few deep breaths, and find our heart center. From that perspective of deepest love and joy, we know how to be. This is the basis for all thought and action, regardless of the circumstances we may face.

Heart energy is the essence of the higher dimensions of life. By being in alignment with our heart energy we become multi-dimensional. Our conscious awareness expands into a higher octave of vibration, awakening our hidden abilities. Our level of joy rises into each moment, confident in our creative ability. In this octave of frequency we are invulnerable to lower-vibrational energy, and we have no fear.

Here are some thoughts from Ingrid Naiman on 6/18/20: “We are constructed of elements that each have properties, the proportions of which are always changing. The bonds between the elements are held together by mutual need, respect, appreciation, and love. They separate when there is discord, so discord is always damaging, and it leads to disease and decay. For this reason, it is safer to be for something with merit than against something that is deplorable. We can be dissatisfied, but we have to recognize that dissidence leads to separation and disaster, whereas bonding promotes lasting and trustworthy ties to one another.”

Cloud bow on Haleakala, Maui

photo © by Ken Schmitt

Contemplating life from 7700' on Haleakala, Maui

Contemplating life

Haleakala, Maui

Photo © by Ken Schmitt

Moving into Alignment with Our Higher Being

How can we remove from our personal consciousness all blocks and perversions that keep us from being absolutely Present in our awareness so that we become thoroughly natural and in touch with our intuition and inner knowing?

Blocks and perversions of our life force can be recognized by anything that disturbs our spiritual equanimity. Whenever we go into fear on any level at even a very subtle vibration, it disturbs our equanimity. Whenever it arises, we can recognize every vibration of fear and face it. Then we can forgive it and thank it for its service to the lower expansion of our consciousness. That transforms all fear into the flow of love and joy.

We may have many hidden fears, and it probably isn’t possible to deal with each of them. All that we need to do is to face each moment of experience as it arises without identifying with it personally. Just watch the show and interact as we choose to engage the matrix. Everyone we encounter is a reflection of some aspect of our deeper self. If someone disturbs our equanimity, we can recognize how the vibration feels. From our focus on that vibration, we can forgive everything we may be carrying that has that vibration and thank it for its service to the expansion of our consciousness. The life force that we used to maintain that fear is released and the fear then becomes re-polarized into love and joy. We are again in equanimity, and as we become clearer and clearer, we watch the show with compassion and love, and we participate as we feel moved by our intuition and essential feelings of knowing.

A new world opens up—a world of magic and joy. For a while there are still disturbances in our equanimity. We can transform all of them back to love and joy. We’ll become proficient at this. We are becoming aligned with the Force—the flow of love and joy that is the feeling of natural beings of light in a spirit of equanimity with intuitive guidance of the heart. We are all of the same consciousness, and as we become clearer, we become aware of much more—a greater spectrum of vibrations. We begin to hear the plants. We connect telepathically with animals, nature spirits and other humans. We understand a greater spectrum of life. We are moving into a higher octave of resonance along with Gaia.

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