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Looking beyond the Ego for Our Essence

When there is negativity in our presence, we feel unable to be joyful and filled with vitality. In our subconscious, we have established energetic blocks that keep us unaware of the Source of our life-force. We have not known the nature of our innate vitality. Although we have the free will to feel and imagine as we choose in every moment, our culture has not paid attention to qualities of our life-force. It is the pure expression of creative essence that constantly flows through us in the ways that we choose in our modulation of its polarity, frequency and power.


Because our life comes to us through the essence of our Being, we are created to be artists with our imagination and how we feel. We all do this all the time, knowingly and unknowingly. We create the beauty in our lives, as well as everything we don’t like. By paying attention to what we don’t like, we give it our life-force. It stays with us as long as we give it our attention.


The strongest creative force is our desire, and this is where we must pay close attention, if we want greater understanding of our own nature. We innately know the energy that we want to experience. This is the expression of our life-force. It is the same for all of us, because we are all the same essence of Being. Because we share our human consciousness, we can open our awareness to the awareness of everyone. In addition, we each have our individual interests and expressions.


This is as much of our script as we are given upon incarnation. We are cut loose from awareness of our origin and source, not even knowing that we are constantly creating the qualities of our lives. It is our life-long challenge to penetrate our consciousness to find out what our essence is, and what are we capable of. While living in a sea of consciousness filled with every possible experience, each of us holds and expresses a unique set of desires.


Because we have an ego-consciousness apart from our true essence, we must look beyond the ego to realize our essence and the extent of our awareness. Only we ourselves can stop us from creating everything we need or want. Our creative life force constantly fills us with its presence. It gives us the freedom to use our power of realization to shape and enliven our experiences. We can create a new world for ourselves and all who choose to align with the life-force that we recognize as our true presence of awareness.

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May 02
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

So beautifully written. I am in awe and I am inspired by the truths you so graciously hold! Your work, your expressing of these words, is so very important for all of us who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, and for all of us who are on the grandest and greatest journey of our lives: coming home to our selves, our true selves, and in so doing we know the oneness of us all! What a beautiful journey we all share with you, dear Kenneth! 🥰 In gratitude and appreciation!

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