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Mastering the Unknowns in Life

Arising within the consciousness that is infinite, we open ourselves to it as much as we allow ourselves. Outside of our own consciousness, there are no limits about who we are. In our essence of Being beyond spacetime, we are our presence of infinite awareness and creative power. Our human person is an actor in the play of living in a world of duality of good and evil. This is a world that we create in our own consciousness in every moment. Without our energetic interaction and recognition, the empirical world exists as unrealized patterns of energy. With our realization, we make it real in our experience. We have believed that we are subject to experiences that are independent of us, but we are participants in universal consciousness. We are all within the same consciousness. Everything has the same essence of conscious life, and we create our own character according to our attention, both conscious and subconscious.

Personal dramas based on limiting beliefs must be confronted, evaluated for their veracity and resolved. When we become neutral in our state of being, neither positive nor negative, we can be beyond fear of the unknown and in the presence of unlimited awareness. We need not live by default. By aligning our mental and emotional processes with the vibrations we love, we can design our lives according to our desires. Our creativity is inherent in our essence. Regardless of whether we are aware of our nature, we are creating by the expressions of our energy signatures. They consist of our deepest beliefs about our capabilities and how we feel about ourselves in every moment, along with the vibratory level of energy that we hold in our attention.

Quantum physics has shown that there is no objective world. It is all perceived in consciousness and made real for us by how we realize it. We have control of our attention, and we can imagine whatever we want. Every energetic possibility already exists. By feeling and imagining ourselves living in the vibratory spectrum we desire, we align with its energy and make it real in our experience, provided we are free of doubt, which disables our creative intent. By believing that we are subject to the limitations of spacetime, we cannot open our awareness to our true essence. We put boundaries around our consciousness and we train our subconscious to operate according to our beliefs. We have become our own slave-masters.

As we arise in our Being as fractals of Creator Consciousness, we are the only force that can limit us. We can believe whatever we want and make it real for ourselves. By participating in the human experience, we have gained great powers of visualization and powerful emotions. Now we need to learn to use them intentionally for the enhancement of all life. By recognizing our true essence and gaining assurance of how we can participate in human life, we can transform ourselves into masters of our lives, living in unconditional love and fulfillment in every way. As we express these energies, we draw the consciousness of humanity into our level of awareness.

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