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Aligning with the Greatest Love

There is a love that abundantly enhances all life in every way. We can participate in it by aligning ourselves with its energetic expressions. Innately, we know how to do this by paying attention to what we deeply know and feel about the essence of our life. Beyond our limiting beliefs, we can pay attention to the feelings that we love the most, and we can find them in every scenario, when we dance with the energy of love and joy. The only requirement is complete devotion to our inner knowing and feeling beyond physical spacetime. It is always present and always adapting to our chosen energetic spectrum.


If we consider our life as humans to have a purpose, we can find it in our inner knowing. It is beyond thought and emotion. It is the essence of our awareness. When we are present in ourselves, free of fear and are attentive to the subtle energetic vibrations of our heart, we can know our infinite and eternal essence of awareness. Our attention can go anywhere and nowhere. When we can control our focus of attention, we become the intentional directors of our experiences.


If we choose to hold the energy of vitality and well-being in every moment, we can know and feel it on a deep psychic level. It is present up to our point of resistance, when we make a negative judgment. As soon as we realize this, we can adjust our attention to our greatest love, as we find it in every scenario. When we are aligned with infinite love and vitality, we may still encounter negative situations, but by holding our focus on life-enhancing feelings and thoughts, we can transform the negative patterns of limitation in our consciousness.


By having a perspective beyond spacetime that we are beings of love and light in our essence, we constantly attract experiences filled with brightness and joy. Our subconscious, however, is trained to operate within the limitations of fear, due to our countless traumatic experiences. By recognizing this, when it arises, we can choose to align with the frequencies of compassion, gratitude, love and joy. As we choose to pay attention to, and align with, our deepest inner knowing, we transform our life experiences.


Through our attention, we are the directors within the consciousness that we are aware of. All energetic patterns are created in consciousness and are expressions of consciousness. It has a flow with the frequencies of life-enhancement and increasing vitality. As the cycles of life for the Earth and humanity have shifted into a predominance of life-enhancing energies, humans are experiencing less negativity and a greater desire for limitless abundance, freedom, love and joy. When we align with these vibrations, they become our experience.

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