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Choosing Our Reality

In creating the quality of our personal experience in living, we have absolute freedom of choice. We live our personal lives, and we are also part of the consciousness of humanity. We have a species consciousness that we all share, just like every species living on this planet. Although most may be unaware, human consciousness has many potential creative eventualities in many expressions of reality. We can participate in any reality that we choose by paying attention to the quality and character of the predominant polarity and frequency patterns. Are they heart-felt and supportive of all life, or do they diminish someone’s life? These two expressions of consciousness are separated by energetic polarity and do not interact. While we can live in a world of love and joy, and at the same time be aware of the consciousness of humanity, we can be aware of the larger script of the human drama and what we understand as reality.


Those of us who understand this can shift the consciousness of humanity by our presence here. Being aware of our essence beyond spacetime can allow us to relax and play our roles in compassion and love. Because our perspectives are constantly creating the energetic patterns that become our experiences, we live in the reality that resonates with the levels of fear versus love in our perspective. By going as far into unconditional acceptance and love as we can allow ourselves, we create a human resonance with the heart of our Being. This radiates throughout human consciousness with the power of the life force of our essential Being, which we are in alignment with.


By shifting human consciousness toward a predominance of gratitude and compassion, we enhance the awareness of humanity in alignment with the vibratory essence of the consciousness of our planet. By living with the constant intention of being in gratitude and compassion, we choose our reality by our state of being, and the vibratory patterns that we pay attention to become our experiences.


By realizing that we are constant creators of our life experiences, we can take command of our lives. In order to contribute to humanity, we do not need to participate, only to be aware of the energetic qualities around us and to continue to be creative in ways that we love. We can live entirely within the reality of gratitude, love and joy, while unsettling events occur around us. It depends upon our perspective of reality, while also being aware of human consciousness. We may need to be strong in our focus and alignment with the consciousness of our heart.

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