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Recognizing and Transforming Our Reality

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

The limiting beliefs we have about ourselves are so deeply held in our subconscious, that we don’t even realize that we have them. In our society, there is little recognition of their existence. Few of us dare to imagine what participation in infinite consciousness can be. Those who do become the masters of their lives. What holds us back is fear of everything unknown. We want to know everything, because this is our natural state of being. It is what we all want. We want our bodies to be beautiful, athletic and young. This is what happens for us when we are filled with the vitality of the heart of our Being. Only our vibratory state of being keeps us from realizing that this is our reality. Having a physical presence that allows us to experience the most in living, is what we want for our entire essence.

Because we all want to love and be loved on every level, this becomes our reality, when we are devoid of fear, judgmentalness, doubt and shame. When we can enter an entirely positive state of Being, we can imagine living and participating in the world we want. We can begin to realize some of our limiting beliefs for what they are, and what they do to us. With our own beliefs, we are our own enforcers of limited living. Daring to open ourselves to experiencing our presence in energetic patterns that we have not known is enhanced by holding our thoughts and emotions in positive, high-frequencies. This energetic perspective can give us recognition of the game we are playing as humans and how we can realize our natural state of Being, apart from any encounters striving for our attention.

Beyond our limiting beliefs, we have intuitive awareness as great and as grand as we desire for ourselves. Every experience can be an expression of love, joy and acceptance. These are the qualities that we constantly receive in our conscious life-force, arising in the consciousness of our Creator. In every moment we are created in our essence in the perfection of unconditional love, and we are free to do as we choose with it. If we choose to vibrate in positive, high-frequency life-enhancing ways of living and being in absolute confidence, we become the masters of our lives.

In the way we express ourselves for ourselves, we experience our own vibrations, regardless of any energies around us. If we are judgmental toward someone, we are that person in our greater consciousness, and we apply that judgment to ourselves subconsciously, and that is the expression of our energetic signature. When we are compassionate toward others, we direct this energy toward ourselves by aligning with its vibrations. We can identify the energetic trance of others, while expressing our love in life-enhancing ways. Through the thoughts and feelings in our unlimited nature, we create our state of being and its resulting quality of life.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Beautiful and inspiring...thank you! Much love and blessings.

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