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Imagining and Realizing Our Reality

When our loved ones die, we have the choice of mourning them as gone forever, or we can feel in alignment with their conscious life-stream and follow them into a loving dimension. When we feel complete with this experience, we may return to our limited self, inspired with a new understanding of unconditional love. This is an awareness that we all innately have, once we release our limiting beliefs about ourselves and our mortality.

Releasing is not a strictly mental process. It is in the realm of our deepest emotional feelings. They may not have a form or description, but we know them. Originating in the presence of our conscious life-force, they come to us when we are open to them and desire their presence. This is also where we can realize our own presence of awareness beyond time and space.

We are Who we are, and we cannot change our essence, that is our presence of awareness. We can, however, change any of our expressions, including our human person and how we think and feel. We can change our perspective by opening our awareness in gratitude to what gives us joy, compassion and love. At this point in our realization, we no longer need to engage with negative energy of any kind. Our knowledge is trustworthy and true when we are aware of its essence through its interaction with our own radiance. By being receptive to our intuitive knowing, we can align ourselves with its vibratory resonance.

Awareness of our deepest knowing and feelings without any interference may require searching for them. They enlighten us with everything we need to know in every moment, so that we may express ourselves with the life-enhancing energy of the heart of our Being in every encounter and circumstance.

When we are grateful for our essence and desire to expand our awareness through the vibratory resonance of our heart, we can realize abilities that we kept ourselves limited from. One of these is our creating an energetic pattern or structure in every moment. This becomes the quality of our experience. Whether we are reacting or transforming energetic patterns in our attention is unimportant. It is the quality of our expression that is important. Our energetic state of being is our creative expression.

By being in a state of gratitude, compassion, love and joy, we can live in a less dense reality that is closer in alignment with the consciousness of the Creator. It affects every aspect of our lives and elevates our experiences, apart from the world that has gripped human attention for eons. We are playing a game for control of our consciousness, and we always have choices about what we pay attention to and align with emotionally. This is our creative process and the source of our realization of who we are.

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