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Our Quest for Self-Identity

Created within infinite consciousness, we are conscious fractals of the Infinite One, with all the attributes of infinite consciousness. Connected to all conscious entities through the quantum Being of the Infinite One, we are connected through the essence of the Infinite One to the Earth and all planets, moons and stars throughout the galaxy, who are all conscious beings of radiant awareness. All together we are constantly creating the evolution of the galaxy and all within it, as well as all throughout the universe.


In our essence we all participate in self-awareness, which includes the awareness of all conscious entities all around us. Our essence also includes the awareness of every thought, emotion and happening that has ever occurred or will ever happen. And it includes the ability to know and understand everything contained in the Infinite One. We have every ability that we can imagine.


How have we been able to unknow ourselves in our present incarnation? Cultural programming has developed a way of being that imposes limits to our self-knowing.  We still have unlimited use of our imagination, which is the pathway to other dimensions and realms of being by expanding our realizations beyond our present experience. We may ask and receive guidance from All that Is, which comes primarily through our intuition, if we pay attention.  We can feel what we need to know. We are in training to expand our being to experience our destiny to be infinitely powerful creators without the limitations we have imposed upon our incarnated selves. We can learn to release those limitations through awareness of them, acceptance, forgiveness, if necessary, and gratitude for the experiences in limitation, which we could never have known in our true essence. We can train our ordinary conscious mind to stand by and come into expression only when requested through intuitive knowing.


We can be clear in every respect. Transparent. All our desires can be in alignment with unconditional love to the extent that we can realize this. Our essence is constantly created in excitement and joy, knowing that we are constantly provided for in unconditional love. We are given every moment to make conscious choices based in gratitude, joy and love. As powerful and beautiful Spirits of Light with infinite creative imagination and powers of manifestation for everything being offered on this Earth, we can recognize the face of God in ourselves and everyone for our magnificent realization and experience.

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Feb 04
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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

It is most rewarding to connect with you again Kenneth. We first met on G-Force and I enjoyed you sharing of your wisdom. People are ever so slowly awakening today. This of course is not easy when knowing that all media is controlled by entities that wish us to remain enslaved. But nothing and nobody can stop what is evolving. Stay well my dear friend and Thank you for your contributions in support of the Light.


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