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Spirit Lover, Gaze into My Eyes.

Fill my heart with your essence. Melt my resistance and imbue me with your infinite love. You have my full attention and attraction. We are aligned in joy and deepest love. These feelings transcend our emotional limitations and arise in our innate consciousness. There is a depth unknown to ego-consciousness. We can feel the presence of the trees around us and feel how they feel, and they can feel us as well. On an energetic level, our psyches encounter each other. Nature holds great love for us, because we have an essence of light that appears to everyone beyond the human trance.


When we allow ourselves to become unlimited in every way, we can feel each other’s presence, because we are of the same infinite consciousness. The depth of love that we can go into can expand with every encounter that we choose, as we are moved to create wonderful scenarios. While continuing to gaze into each-other’s eyes, we are moved by the depth of our being, expanding our reality into the intensity and brilliance of our Spirit Lover.


From heart-consciousness, Spirit Lover fill my awareness as much as I can allow with gratitude and joy. I feel my heart living to empower and enhance my life. We can make these vibrations the basis for our relationships with all creatures great and small. Inspiring us in every moment, the energy of our heart has subtle vibrations that we can feel in the depth of our being, if we seek them. Beginning in our imagination, we can gradually open ourselves to higher guidance from within. It is not intrusive, and in order to recognize it, we must open our imagination to its recognition, and aligned with its vibratory patterns.


These vibrations are the ones we truly love living in. We can learn to have awareness of them in every moment. We are Spirit Lovers in our essence, and our awareness of divine frequencies beyond negativity carries us into a kind of parallel world. It’s different from the world of human awareness in our freedom, gratitude and love. We can write a new script for our role as actors in the human drama. It happens automatically as we align with the deepest feelings of our heart, and we find that we are in a different vibratory dimension, but in the same place.


There is a vibratory realm that we inhabit on an inner level beyond spacetime. It is purely energetic, and we can open our awareness to it by following the feelings of heart-consciousness. It is as real as our realization allows, just like the physical world. It is like a higher energetic octave of human consciousness. When we allow ourselves to realize its reality, it comes into our awareness. Living in the energetic level of heart-consciousness, we can align ourselves with our eternal presence of awareness and realize that we are the

Spirit Lover for ourselves and all of life.

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