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Opening to Self-Realization

As incarnated humans, we have been focused within a kind of trance, unaware of anything the body cannot sense or the thinking mind can accept. We have created this physical experience as a challenge to transcend into expanding realization. Unaware of our deeper Being, in our human experience we are an expression of our greater Self, but we are so much more. We are eternal and infinite awareness, able to express ourselves as we desire, and to be localized anywhere as anyone or anything we desire. Our essence is unconditional love and joy in creative ways that we can experience.


We are subject only to our beliefs. They are the gate-keepers of our human awareness. We can begin by examining completely each of our beliefs about reality. How far are we willing to go in feeling what we know about good and evil? How bright and how dark can we go in our imagination and still keep our infinite awareness? As humans, we have completely lost it. Yet somewhere deep inside we know what vitality is. We know about enhancing vitality and increasing or diminishing our life force. Beyond thought and emotion, there is an awareness that we can open to. It is a deep knowing in limitless gratitude, love and joy for who we are in our deepest essence and reality.


Because we are innately aware of the truth of our Being, we only need to be able to open our awareness intentionally. Beyond any limiting beliefs, we can transcend our localized consciousness into limitless awareness with Self-Identity. It comes with the greatest beauty of music, visions and every sensation we can desire. It is complete enhancement of life in greatest creative love and joy. This is our essence, and we share it with all living beings. It is infinite consciousness expressing aspects of its desire in our persons as humans and imbuing us with the freedom to think and feel however we desire.


This is how we have created our limiting beliefs about our reality. We have trained ourselves or allowed ourselves to be trained to realize a localized experience. We have subjected our human person to physical experiences without knowing we are in a trance, and that we can create our experiences as we desire from an expanded perspective. Believing the scenarios we are participating in, we cause them to be real for us. If we face our beliefs with the curiosity of what could happen if they are false, we open ourselves to the issues of either self-termination or of our greater Self and our eternal, infinite awareness with unlimited creative ability. We choose the one we align with.


Many of us are choosing consciousness expansion, and it is expanding the consciousness of humanity. We can create new energetic patterns that manifest as a planet filled with vitality and beneficence, beautiful beyond description. All aspects of the world of good and evil are disappearing into another dimension. When we open ourselves to our multidimensionality, we become aware of our infinite essence as the formative creative force in our experiences, and we can begin creating abundance, fun and sovereignty in greatest love and joy.

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Fabulous! 🌀 as always!

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