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Entering a State of Transcendence

As the realm of duality dissolves out of our awareness, we can empower a world of love and support for all life by focusing on it and feeling ourselves in alignment with it. It is an expression of the heart of our Being and is our natural desire, once we have released fear and limitation from our lives. We can live in a world of joy and fulfillment in all ways, where our currently-hidden abilities come into realization.

Through programming to worry and be afraid of suffering and death, we have learned to be the gatekeepers of our own consciousness. Subjection to negativity is not a necessary condition. If we choose to recognize our limitations and examine them down to their roots, we find that they are all self-created and have no validity beyond the realization that we give them. Only if we give them reality through our mental and emotional alignment can they come into our experience.

On the other hand, if we choose transcendence into the realm of love and joy, we can realize fulfillment of every desire. As fractals of universal consciousness, we are the creators. Everything we experience is brought to us by our energetic resonance within the quantum field that envelops us. We can feel energetic vibrations, and we are free to identify with any of them. Because we have been thoroughly trained to stay in constant worry, fear and doubt, they prevent us from being aware of our eternal essence and infinite awareness beyond space and time.

Our experience in space and time is artificially real. Its reality is created in our own consciousness in interaction with the empirical range of electromagnetic energy patterns in the quantum field of all potentialities. The entire empirical world is nothing more than swirling patterns of energy that our consciousness interprets as real for us. Because of our creative essence, we make it real for ourselves.

We do the same thing with positive and negative energies. They are only potential until we align with their vibratory frequencies and polarity. When we recognize them, we can realize them as real in our experience. By changing our realization, we can change our reality. For this we can use our imagination and emotions to create a state of being that opens our awareness to our true inner knowing. Once we achieve intuitive alignment with the consciousness of our heart, we enter a realm beyond fear. It is a realm of deep understanding and transcendence beyond limitation.

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