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Enhancing Our Understanding of Reality

Our reality can be known only in the depth of our own Being and beyond ego-consciousness. In the popular perspective of humanity, the ego does not have access to our infinite essence. In order to know the true expanse of our potential awareness, we must resolve our belief in aging, suffering and death. We must make the leap in consciousness to knowing our timeless presence of non-localized awareness. When our attention is completely focused on our physical presence, we are unaware of our essence beyond the body. This awareness is limited by our beliefs about ourselves, our true nature and our capabilities.

Our ego does not believe that we have an infallible intuition and an eternal awareness. When we limit ourselves to ego-consciousness in the empirical world of good and evil, the challenge is to find a hint of something greater and a way to open our awareness beyond our beliefs. In order to have a full human experience, we have had to make our beliefs strong enough that we could not transcend them, until we are ready to return to our expanded Self-Realization. When we feel a strong attraction for knowing more of who we truly are, we can open our awareness to the intuitive knowing in the heart of our Being.

Self-Realization comes when we release all of our desires and needs, and we allow ourselves to realize that we are infinitely powerful creators. This is our potential, and it becomes our experience when we realize what it is and how it feels. It means completely immersing ourselves in a new way of living. It is a new role in our play of consciousness. We become the intentional directors of our human experiences by how we use our attention and power of realization.

If we could read our energy signature, we would understand how we attract the qualities of experiences that we do. It depends upon our polarity and the interaction of positive and negative feelings and thoughts. If we are not completely positive, we have doubts about ourselves. These disable our ability to create what we want. To gain awareness of our intuition and be able to rely on it, we can move ourselves beyond thought to just being a presence of awareness.

As we adjust our awareness to just being present, we can direct our attention to the radiance of our heart. This is the aspect of ourself that lives to enhance our life, regardless of what we do to it. When we align with our heart-consciousness we are in resonance with the consciousness that creates everything. Although it is everything, and it is nothing, it can be known from within. Its quality is life-enhancement in every way, and it is the energy that we can realize in gratitude as unconditional love and joy, and as the basis of all life. It manifests in every aspect of life, and it allows us to live in the energetic dimension that we choose to identify with.

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