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Deepening Our Understanding and Expanding Our Awareness

Conscious awareness can be subdivided into unique bands of energy that exist as separate from other aspects of infinite consciousness. In this way we perceive and believe that we are localized in our physical body and are separate from other physical entities. In this vibratory spectrum we are unaware of the source of our being alive. We experience being alive, but how we get our aliveness is unknown. We know the expressions of our living processes, but we do not understand life itself. For this understanding we must make a leap in consciousness into our own non-localized Self-Awareness. Beyond ego-consciousness lies a greater reality that we are present in. In our present awareness, we can be aware of our presence beyond physicality. It is the essence of our life beyond space and time. This is where our understanding of life comes from.

Since words lie within the limits of time and space, we cannot describe greater conscious realization, but we can begin with imagining greater enhancement of life and searching in our inner knowing. If we are too entranced in the dualistic empirical world, we may need a traumatic experience to awaken us. Such experiences are always symbolic, prompting a movement through terror, loss, trauma, grief and sorrow. We can understand that all of this is based on fear of ultimate termination. We believe in our demise, and thus can be threatened and victimized. If we desire to resolve this limiting belief, we must examine it closely to find its origin. Here we find that fear of our demise is self-created, based on not knowing what may lie beyond the physical. We could at least be neutral, since we do not know.

Being neutral allows for possible opening of awareness to our expansive essence. It is awareness of the energy of the heart of our Being, which we know intuitively. When we align our imagination and emotions to its resonance, we can connect with our deeper knowing in gratitude, love and joy. In this state of Being, all fear and doubt dissipates, because it is no longer has a basis, and is not believable.

It’s a challenge to face everything that life brings to us with love, compassion and unattachment, but in our inner knowing we can be aware of our eternal presence guiding us through every experience. We must want to have this awareness and practice having it, perhaps at first in our imagination and our paying attention to what arises within. We can ask for inspiration from our friends who live in a non-localized realization. If we want to live in a world of love and beauty, we must align our mental and emotional processes to resonate with the vibratory spectrum of this world.

As we open our awareness into closer alignment with the heart of our Being, we align with the consciousness of our Creator. Everything that is not in resonance with this disappears out of our experience. From the perspective of ego-consciousness, this can be traumatic and sorrowful, because the ego does not know what is happening in the realm of cause. Living in the consciousness of our Creator becomes possible and opens our awareness to the life we truly want to experience.

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

...and It is in SIMPLICITY and EMPATHY when our heart raises its purest guidance towards our greatest good in full harmony and balance with all of existence...!!! THANK YOU brother for your unconditional and abundant sharing of amplifying and expansive visions of our CONSCIOUSNESS... A KOSMIC HUG from the Argentine Coast... WE ARE all, we are ONE...!!! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ... y Es en la SIMPLEZA y EMPATÍA cuando nuestro corazón eleva su más pura guía hacia lo nuestro mayor bien en plena armonía y equilibrio con la existencia toda...!!!

GRACIAS por hermano tu compartir incondicional, y abundante de visiones amplificadora y expansivas de nuestra CONSCIENCIA...


desde el Litoral Argentino...

SOMOS todos, somos UNO...!!!

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