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Techniques of Achieving Conscious Realization

If ever there is a negative vibration in our presence, we have a resolution for this residing in our heart-consciousness. If we feel any anxiety or depression, we are holding negative energy in our psyche. It holds us in discordance with what we truly know and want to feel deep within. By paying attention to scenarios of energetic patterns that we passionately love and are grateful for, we can bring ourselves into alignment with our true innate knowing. When our vibrations are aligned with our heart-consciousness, we can be aware of many energetic patterns that have not existed for us, because we haven’t realized their reality in our species consciousness.


How does our realization work? It means making something real in our experience. It is an interaction of our perceptive ability with subatomic entities that arrange themselves according to our energetic signature, which is our vibratory expression. In our desire to have physical experiences, we have accepted life-paths and dimensions that we hold in our awareness. Many more are available to us, and we can have any of them by paying attention to their energetic vibrations. We don’t need the full complement of forms, sounds and the other empirical senses, but we must feel the qualities of perceived energies.


Whenever we open our awareness to the energy of our heart, we feel like supporting vitality and life-enhancement. We can fill ourselves with gratitude, compassion, love and joy. This opens our awareness to the dimension of these energetic patterns, enabling us to feel ourselves living in this environment and giving us the realization that creates experiences that resonate with our heart-consciousness. If we intentionally align ourselves with the spectrum of gratitude, love and joy, we can be aware of our heart-consciousness, and we can realize the reality of a life based on unconditional acceptance and love.


Consisting of subatomic, quantum, localized energetic beings, our physical bodies align with our energetic signature, and our cells express the qualities that we believe are real. By resolving our limiting beliefs about ourselves, we can open our realization to a greater expression of life enhancement. By dropping all judgments and preconceptions about life, we can be aware of a greater expanse of consciousness. It is all within the consciousness of our own Being.


Our personal essence is the essence of everyone. We are all individualized fractals of infinite consciousness. By paying attention to how we deeply feel about everything in our awareness, we can intelligently choose which vibrations we prefer to align with. When we are clear, these are the vibrations of our heart and are filled with love and life-enhancement. By paying attention to the flowing nature of our energetic environment, we can realize an expanding reality being created in our awareness.

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