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Dealing with Tyranny and Adversity

We are always being guided through the best situations for us, with a view of transcendence and alignment with the Consciousness of our Creator. When we realize that we have limitless awareness, everything that we gaze upon with our inner vision becomes real for us in our experience. We are learning to direct our attention to our inner vision by opening our awareness to the most life-enhancing inner guidance that we can pay attention to. Our attention and vibratory alignment are our energetic creative modulators of the quality of our presence. By our thoughts and emotions, we are constantly emitting photons with an electromagnetic radiance, attracting resonating energetic patterns to our attention, and that become our experiences.

If we learn to control and direct our attention to the vibratory spectrum that we love the most, we can transform our lives into encounters that we most want to pay attention to and experience. Outside of our own consciousness, there is no requirement for us to experience anything we do not resonate with. We live in an energetic band of vibrations that emanate from our heart and are shaped by beliefs about ourselves. By intentionally opening our awareness in gratitude to a realm beyond fear and doubt, we can feel and know the unconditional love that is the essence of our Being. Once we are aware of limitless consciousness, we can align our imagination and feelings with its vibrations. This alignment holds our attention in the vibratory range of creative joy and compassion.

When tyrannical events occur around us, we can understand that this is happening in our own consciousness, and we can change it within ourselves. Arising for us through the heart of our Being, our conscious life-force constantly guides us to safety and life-enhancement, if this is our desire. All possibilities are available to us in every moment. By being able to control and direct our attention constantly to what we can feel grateful for, we open our awareness to an expanded realm of realization beyond our ego-consciousness.

In this state of mind, having inner awareness of Self-Realization of our essence, we cannot be threatened with victimhood, because negative energy does not exist in our realization. Instead, we become masters of our situations, able to modulate the energetic patterns that we encounter with our own life-force flowing through our presence of awareness. This awareness can be directed to anything anywhere, creating the qualities of experiences that resonate with it. If physical danger is imminent, we are guided to safety in a different situation.

What appears to be happening in the world around us is all happening in our own consciousness. By directing our own perspective in opening our awareness to the light in every being, we exempt ourselves from being victims, and instead can act as masters of our human experiences. It’s all about staying vibrationally high throughout our awareness and acting creatively. This means alignment with infinite love and enhancement of all life.

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