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We Are Being invited to Expand Our Awareness

Each of us is an expression of a higher Being, a Being beyond polarity and beyond comprehension. Our connection is through the energy of the heart of our Being, expressing itself through our intuition, our inner knowing. If we pay attention to our inner knowing, it becomes clearer. In every moment our knowing is present. Through it we can understand everything that happens in our presence and awareness. Our presence is our electromagnetic expression of our conscious state of being. Our awareness lives throughout universal consciousness, wherever we guide it with our attention.

We’re being invited to transcend our limiting beliefs about ourselves. An example might be the belief that we need to make money to survive in our society. This is an ego-expression of limitation. We already have everything we need and could ever want in expressing the energy of the heart of our Being. We have complete fulfillment available to us however and whenever we choose, or even constantly, in the present moment.

In the dimension of time and space, there is always a moment, one after the other. It is a moment apart from time, and it is when our intuitive knowing happens. It is our connection with the eternal aspect of our Being, but our limiting beliefs have kept us largely unaware of it. In order to gain infinite knowing, we need to be in the moment beyond time, the ever-present presence of clear awareness. That means practicing being clear, without attachment to limitations, while resolving all fear.

Although all that is required of us to realize our infinite and timeless Self is complete openness and receptivity to expansion, we seem to find it challenging to achieve this state of being, because of our limiting beliefs. We can realize what our limitations are by feeling the quality of their energy. We know what any negativity feels like. There’s at least a tinge of fear, ultimately based on belief in our mortality. All limiting beliefs are based on negativity. They diminish our life. When we’re experiencing our divine Self, everything we need and want just comes to us. We attract everything that is positive and life-enhancing for all.

We are already fulfilled in every way, just by our state of Being. Universal consciousness manifests what we create, now and always. It is our own state of being that forms our energetic transmissions out through our aura, attracting and being attracted to resonating energetic patterns that manifest as our empirical experiences. Living in this dimension becomes much more fun, when every moment is wonderful. This happens for us whenever we realize Who we are, and we can embody our divine energies.

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