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Seeing the Light in Everyone

We live in a dualistic world of good and bad, of light and dark energy. Innately, we know what each of them feels like in our inner knowing. Negative, dark energy has no life-Source energy. It exists entirely from the realization and conveyance of life force by humans through our attention and vibratory alignment. When we are focused on negativity, we are largely unaware of the presence of divine light. Awareness of light comes from refocusing our attention to what gives us gratitude and joy. By desiring and intending to open our awareness to the expressions of life-enhancement, we can turn to the brightest Beings in our experience. We can perceive and align with the vibratory patterns of the Sun and the stars through the intuition of our innermost Being. We can become creators of life-enhancement for ourselves and all around us.


In every situation, we can see the light in everyone by our intentional focus on the vibrations that we love, with no fixed alignment with fear. We can have complete acceptance of every situation and encounter, without any engagement of resistance or alignment. All the energy around us is polarized either negatively or positively, and we can feel which it is by whether it supports all life or serves as a parasite. Negativity can make our lives more interesting, but ultimately it is self-destructive. Without the light, there could be no dark energy, but without the dark, the light just brightens.


In our encounters, we can look expectantly for what we love. If we can release the tendency to look judgmentally at the darkness in another person, we can open ourselves to the essence of life that we all share, as we know it innately within ourselves. We can look for the brightness in ourselves and in others. It feels good. Brightness lives in a different dimension of reality from negativity. The two do not interact. We can express either of them in any moment, but we cannot express both at the same time. In order to see the light, we must lift our gaze from the dark and enter the love of our heart.


By turning our attention to what gives us gratitude and joy, we open our awareness to the light in every person and scenario. When we are aligned with these energies, negativity cannot enter our experience, because we are filling our realization with goodness and compassion. We can be living in a vibratory spectrum that we love and want to experience always.

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