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Living in Expanding Consciousness

We want to know what is unknowable for the conscious ego-mind, and we want logical and empirical proof of any reality beyond the duality of spacetime. In spiritual awareness, we are like a blind person trying to realize what color is. There is a process that we can learn in order to expand and transform our awareness, and it must come from within our own essence. It is what we know and feel in our deepest Self. It is the energy expressed by our own vitality and life force. When we have clarity of thought and emotion, we innately know what this feels like as life-enhancement and how we can best align with it. In order to create this alignment, we must be fearless and confident with deep compassion and love in the face of everything.


If fear and doubt are present, even in the smallest way, we cannot realize divine consciousness. We are being offered the opportunity of transitioning into a dimension of life that is based on gratitude, love and joy. The ego cannot give up its fear to make this alignment beyond spacetime. The key to unlocking this realization of greater consciousness is opening our awareness to a deep inner knowing. This is not a level of intelligence or way of thinking. It is just knowing in a way that has no possible proof beyond its own essence. It is like our perception of color. It exists for us only by our realization.


And so it is with the entire material world. It exists for us only by our realization. In order for us to open our realization of a reality beyond the realm of good and evil, we must recognize the beliefs we apply to ourselves. We can ask ourselves what could happen if we didn’t have any of the beliefs about ourselves.  Would we face personal suffering and termination, or is there another possible scenario that we could choose?


By examining all beliefs that we apply to ourselves, and asking what would happen if we did not have those beliefs, we can gain clarity about how we enable our current situation. Then we can look around and begin to recognize other ways of living that may be more fulfilling and that we feel attracted to.


Every dimension has its own kind of existence and does not allow interaction with intersecting energies from other dimensions. We have the choice of participating in an infinite number of ways of being. There are so many ways we can express ourselves and enjoy who we are immensely. When we are paying attention to the energy of the heart of our Being, we just need to know who we truly are and what our capabilities are. We are completely free in every way and can create everything we want in our radiance of gratitude and joy. By our presence, we can enhance the lives of all conscious beings everywhere, because we are in alignment with the energetic spectrum of the consciousness that creates everything.

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