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Being Aware of, and Directing Our Creative Essence

In going beyond our human trance, while also being aware of it and what its essence is, we are being drawn into infinite awareness. This is our essence. We’ve intentionally established limits to our conscious awareness in order to play the human game believably and realistically. We designed it so that we had to make a leap in awareness to understand it and know what it is, so that we can make the best of our situation.


Living in a plasma energetic environment can become understandable by how our abilities change, as we learn to use our attention creatively.  We can open our awareness to our own energetic signature, with its polarity and vibratory frequency. Innately, we are keenly-aware of any negative vibrations, but we do not have to entertain them with our attention, since there are countless other energetic patterns to choose from. We create their reality in our experience by our realization and alignment with their essence.


When we change our realization, we change the plasma energetic environment around us and in our bodies. On realizing this, we can take a major step in expanding our conscious awareness. Since we have absolute self-control over our attention, we can face our fears and doubts with acceptance and love. The energetic vibrations that we align with in every moment create the quality of our experience. We can be positive always, creating wonderful experiences for ourselves, as well as everyone around us.


Formerly we had to pay attention to negative energy in order to survive during the last dark age, which has now ended, although there are still some energy streamers that we do not need to give our attention to. We are free to be our true Self as much as possible, while learning to sustain our attention on the qualities of gratitude, love and joy. This provides alignment with our higher guidance and the energy that manifests our experiences. In this way we can write a new script for our personal role within humanity.


Outside of our own consciousness, nothing exists in our experience. When we are aware of this, we can use our imagination to create scenarios that embody the energies we love. By maintaining a vibratory presence that is uplifting, we create experiences that are manifestations of that energy in alignment with our own energetic signature.

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