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Understanding Our Human Experience

Although we are enveloped by an infinite variety of electromagnetic wave patterns in many dimensions, as humans we have limited our awareness to our emotional and mental processes and to the empirical spectrum, which we perceive with our physical senses. In our daily lives, we do not go beyond this awareness. We may believe that we are our bodies, but we do not know where our thoughts and emotions reside.

Some of us are explorers in consciousness, and we want to expand our awareness beyond the body and beyond the empirical spectrum. We want to understand the nature of our reality, and we want to expand our thoughts and emotions. We want to know if we are the limited humans that we appear to be, or if there is more to us. Are we subject to the dictates of governments and social pressures, or is there a way for us to shift our reality into a realm of freedom, love and beauty?

This brings up the question of the nature of reality. Is reality an outer phenomenon, or is it within our own consciousness? We interact with each other as if there is a solid, real world outside of us, but what happens when we project our awareness beyond the body and beyond the empirical world? We do this when we dream, when we’re in deep meditation, when we ingest psychotropic substances and when we die. We shed our limitations, and our reality becomes whatever we believe it is.

We are our self-realized awareness, and this never changes, whether we are in the body or not. What changes is the limitations that we place upon ourselves. We have acquired all manner of limitations, including physical impairments, illnesses, poverty, military conscription and much more. Why have we subjected ourselves to all of this? In the grand scale of things, it has deepened our understanding and given us greater compassion and insight into what is possible apart from the consciousness of the Creator.

While we believe that we are embodied in the empirical world of positive and negative energies, we subject ourselves to the limitations of this spectrum of vibrations, but this does not change our inherent multi-dimensional nature. We can change our beliefs about what is real, and we can change our perceptions. This is part of our free will and our creative ability.

In our longing for greater love and fulfillment, we can create the reality that we are destined to enjoy. Once we have learned what we came here to experience, we do not need to subject ourselves to any limitations. We have an inner knowing that we can be aware of, connecting us to the consciousness that creates everything and gives us mastery within every kind of reality.

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