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Transforming Our Experiences by Transforming Ourselves

Who we are is our eternal present awareness. Without infringement on others, we can focus our awareness on anyone and anything we desire, and we can just be present and aware, without evaluation or judgment, and at the vibratory level of gratitude. With this alignment, we can neutralize or transform any negative energetic pattern that wants our life force. It happens through the realization of unconditional love and universally-conscious personal awareness.

To be able to open ourselves to this extent, we can recognize the true validity of all of our beliefs about ourselves. If they are intended to enhance all of life, they are coming from our own intuitive knowing and are an expression of universal consciousness. If they are based on some expression of fear, they are coming from our ego-consciousness and have no essence of their own.

We can begin to become aware that, as humans, we are living in a limited compartment of consciousness, veiled off by our limiting beliefs about ourselves. We self-limit ourselves by having doubt that we have unlimited creative ability. Doubt disables our creative expressions. This is part of living in duality, and is why people have difficulty manifesting things. They have some doubt or fear, some limiting beliefs.

Once we have thoroughly examined our beliefs, we can know the quality of energy they are based on and can decide what to do with them. Our choices always are to align with them, to transform them or to dissolve them by withdrawing our attention and belief in their reality. These are our abilities, which we exercise through our thoughts and emotions. Our personal beliefs have their existence only by our intention to be limited, which we have needed, in order to participate fully in the human experience in negative energetics.

By following our intuition, we can enable ourselves to accept all energetic patterns that we encounter. In this perspective, there are no mysteries in our experiences. It’s as if we’re in a play, and many scenes are pre-scripted. The important choices we face in these situations are regarding our own state of being. If we can be in an emotional level of compassion, forgiveness, gratitude and joy, which we can practice creating, we can align ourselves with this energy level. The longer we can hold this perspective, the more we can express greater positive creative energy. This results in an expansion of awareness and appreciation of higher guidance within our own knowing.

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