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Transforming from Victimhood to Mastery of Life

Human society has programmed us to recognize ourselves as victims of our circumstances, especially in the face of powerful entities beyond ourselves, yet this is true only if we accept it. It is possible for us to be absolutely sovereign in our personal life and to radiate personal freedom into the energy signature of humanity. Once we learn the truth about ourselves, we can initiate the process of actualizing it in our experience. If we want to live in personal freedom, we must change our beliefs about ourselves in order to transform our lives.

We experience only the energy within our own consciousness. Because consciousness is universal, we participate in it only as much as we can recognize and believe is real. This is how we limit our awareness and create our experiences. Expanding our awareness can be done through intentional practices of deep, rhythmic breathing, meditation, bio-feedback, mind-altering substances and out-of-body experiences, such as dying and returning. Other methods can include sudden flashes of insight and enlightenment and just having a determined intention of opening our awareness and following intuitive guidance. However we decide to awaken to our true potential, it can happen with our motivation to retrain ourselves, resolve our limiting beliefs, open ourselves to infinite awareness and follow our intuitive guidance.

Ego-consciousness is centered in the conscious mind. It functions in the empirical world and uses logic. It thinks by aligning with the energetics of thought patterns in the quantum field. It doesn’t matter whose thoughts we are thinking. It is our energetic alignment that is important. This is how we attune to thoughts and ideas and provide the basis for making decisions.

As we become more aware of our intuition, we can realize that it is present in our physical senses as well as our thoughts and emotions. It is our deepest and most comprehensive knowing. Often it is symbolic in its portrayals. What we get from our intuition is a function of our openness, clarity, visionary ability and emotional control. If we practice these states of being and abilities, all of them are possible for us.

Beyond time and space, our expanded conscious awareness is infinite, but the ego cannot believe or even imagine that this is true. As a result, our human conscious awareness is limited to time and space. This limitation is within our control. To resolve it, we can intentionally imagine the best life experiences and relationships that we would like. As we become more positive and joyful, we can continue to expand our awareness toward infinity in every possible aspect of experience. Once we have resolved our limitations, we are no longer victims. Guided by our inner knowing and feeling, we become the masters of our experiences.

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