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Transforming Anxiety and Other Manifestations of Fear

Being truly open to our higher guidance implies the ability to focus our attention without extraneous concerns. We must be able either to resolve our limitations or to transcend them, so that they are no longer in our dimension of energetics. In order to transcend our limiting beliefs about ourselves, we can make a leap in consciousness. This can also happen with very intentional use of psychotropic plants and mushrooms, as well as very deep meditation, and other methods of opening our awareness beyond our limitations. We intentionally can change our recognition of reality. We already partially do this with our computer-generated augmented reality headsets. If we take this path, our intention must be powerful enough to dissolve the grip of limitations by no longer believing in their reality. It’s an advanced form of professional acting that envelops our awareness. Unless we feel that we can survive all of this, we can just as well proceed on our path in our own way, perhaps with greater awareness.

Suppose that we decide not to completely repolarize ourselves, but we want to continue our process of resolving our negative attachments, including our deepest pain, while we are heading toward recognizing our infinite present awareness. If we align ourselves with the energies of our heart and open our awareness to positivity in as many moments as possible, we can learn to adjust our vibrations to more fulfilling levels of our perception.

When we feel strong anxiety and stress, we have deep, unrecognized fear, which we can have only by believing in our finiteness and mortality. This is what we must realize and confront energetically. Finiteness and mortality are life-diminishing and fearful. Knowing this, we can learn how to interact with our intuition and eventually know the eternal, limitless presence of awareness that we are. Intuitively we have access to universal consciousness, enabling us to know everything we want to know.

Within the limitations we have placed on our awareness, we are aware of very little of our intuition. When we want to expand our intuitive awareness, we can focus on the energies that we like the most and feel a warmth toward. This is the guidance of our heart, and we can follow it in our awareness. As we follow our warmth, we are led toward limitless intuitive knowing and feeling. Eventually we feel and know that we are infinite awareness, and we live in a dimension of unconditional love and abundance.

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