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Examining the Meaning of Life

In a desire to penetrate the meaning of life, we may open our awareness to the creative reality of our own perspective. How we think and feel about everything and everyone is how we create our own energy signature, which is the vibratory presence that we project throughout our being. The vibratory quality of this energy is returned to us in our experiences through the energetic patterns that we attract. These patterns are held in our subconscious in alignment with our predominant perspective.


Each of us has a telepathic way of imagining what is real for us. Our imagined participation in scenarios creates experiences defined by our personal perspectives of chosen vibratory frequencies and polarity. We create our own realization of what is real for us. Realization can result from the resolution and release of fear that is held in our limiting beliefs about ourselves. Realizing, accepting, releasing and transcending our fears allows us to have greater clarity and understanding. It opens our awareness to greater realities. In this vibratory environment, we can walk onto a new path of greater vitality and creative power.


Our vibratory environment has its own spectrum of vibrations that we live within. When we are in synchronization with it, we have a stronger presence and radiance of our essence. If we lose touch with our essence, we become more fearful, because more of life becomes unknown. We become unaware of our inner guidance. If we feel this, it’s time to do an honest evaluation of our perspective on life. Any thoughts and feelings that take away vitality and joy are based on fear and are negative. We can feel this energy and know what it is.


Living within a plasma environment of expressions of infinite consciousness, we can open our awareness as far as we’re willing to go. If we have residual negativity, it becomes known, and we can resolve it. As humans we are unaware of this energy and its qualities, but it is within and around us, and we can open ourselves to its awareness. It communicates through the heart of our Being. This is where we are fearless and filled with gratitude and joy. It is where we experience love, compassion and the enhancement of all life. Without fear of any kind, we can know and realize our natural state of being and the substance of the energetic realm that we inhabit. This is the beginning of knowing the meaning of our life.

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