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Transforming and Elevating Our Lives

In order to change something in our lives, we need to change our focus of attention from the way we realize that things are, to the way we can envision and feel them to be. When we imagine actually experiencing what we want, our imagined scenario already exists in the quantum field as soon as we pay attention to it and give it reality for our experience. This is how consciousness works. With our mental and emotional processes, we create our experiences by realizing the reality of their energetic vibratory levels. At the same time, we have limited ourselves by our imagined confinement of awareness.

Through our social training and personal experiences, we have created and accepted deeply-set limiting beliefs about ourselves. They confine awareness of our reality. If we have awareness of our innate Being, we know that we are eternal in our conscious essence. This realization must come from our deepest inner guidance, our connection with universal consciousness. When we are open and receptive to our intuitive knowing, it is always available to us immediately, stimulating us to feel grateful, joyful and compassionate. Its guidance is always life-enhancing for us and everyone.

At this time in our history, we are going through a dimensional shift from duality to a world beyond polarity, where everything is life-creating and enhancing. This is the vibratory realm that we are being invited to participate in. Duality is disappearing from a portion of the etheric body of humanity. If this is what we want, our experience will soon be consist of freedom, abundance and kindness. If we want to stay in the realm of duality, that is also a choice that we can have. There are divergent paths available for us.

How we feel about ourselves determines our vibratory signature. As long as we believe in mortality, we create it. Without our belief, it could not exist. From within this belief, we could not know this, but we have another process of inner guidance that we can open our awareness to. Becoming aware of our intuition requires alignment with its energetic vibrations of life-enhancement. When we imagine being grateful in each moment for each experience, regardless of how our ego-consciousness might judge it to be, we continue to create experiences that we love.

As long as we pay attention to negativity, we cannot pay attention to love and joy. We have free choice about this, whether by default or by intention. Not understanding how our consciousness works, we have been creating our lives by reacting to circumstances. If we desire to transcend our limitations, we must become acutely aware of our intuitive guidance and be willing to understand it and follow it. Our awareness of it comes from our energetic alignment in resonance with its life-enhancing visions and feelings.

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