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Transforming Aging to Ageless

Most of us probably don’t plan on living in this body for much more than a hundred years. In reality we are unlimited. From the perspective of ego-consciousness, bound by limiting beliefs, this is inconceivable. Our limitation has been our belief that our cells age and eventually die. No one enforces this belief beyond ourselves. We are free to believe it or not. It reaches deeply into our consciousness and is supported by nearly all of humanity. This belief is so deep and strong, that we need a special way to resolve it. For transcendence we need a strong imagination and the ability to extend our emotions beyond human self-imposed limitations. It requires a similar effort to awakening from a deep sleep to another energetic dimension.

The method is to find the place of awareness in ourselves that absolutely knows anything about ourselves. We can pretend that we have this awareness by imagining what it would be like to live with its qualities. This brings us into alignment with its energetics and into our recognition of it. When we are receptive enough, we can realize that we are in a more wonderful state of Being. We can participate in a higher and more joyful world, separated dimensionally from the limitations of humanity.

It can be helpful to breathe deeply and rhythmically, listen to inspiring music, spend time barefoot in beautiful places in nature, and imagine living in conditions, relationships and energies that we love. In this way we align ourselves with the expansive vibrations of greater awareness. We can become sensitive to the vibrations of our planet and every place and situation in our presence, and we can know the most life-enhancing ways to interact.

This level of consciousness expresses itself in creatively life-enhancing ways that we can feel deeply within and that we know intuitively are perfect. They are our guidance to higher consciousness. When we pay attention to them, their quality of awareness is always present for us, and when we follow their guidance in awareness of our true expansive essence, we can resolve and transcend our limitations. We can become aware of our timeless presence of awareness with infinite creative power. This presence expresses itself in the energetics of life-creation and enhancement. It is what we know is true.

Living in the qualities of the creation of all life and its enhancement, we allow the conscious life-force of the Cosmic Creator to flow into and through our consciousness. There is no death or aging. Our beliefs in Human limitations dissolve from our awareness, along with all fear. Our awareness extends as far and as deep as we are willing to go. This is true for us now and in every dimension. We are free to express ourselves in any kind of physical body, free of any karmic constraints. They exist only in the realm of duality and do not translate into a higher dimension.

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