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Aligning with Our Innate Life Force

Arising within the Consciousness of the Creator, there is only One Life Force in existence. It is the force of orderly and life-enhancing creation of everything in every moment. We receive our constantly-present life force with as much power as we allow ourselves to align with, through our attention and its intensity. As we practice paying attention to the frequency patterns around gratitude and joy, we can open ourselves to a whole spectrum of energetics that are in alignment with the elevating emotions of the heart. We can fill our lives with wonderful music, and we can penetrate the awareness of all things and beings of nature. In our alignment with the feeling of their life force, we can align with deeper aspects of their consciousness. It is also our consciousness, as soon as we open our awareness to it.


There is a difference between the consciousness of the creatures of nature and our own. They are on the level of our subconscious self. They do not judge or reason and can interact with our attention and direction. They are more capable of organizing and expressing all aspects of everything that they are, than our most advanced computers. Without life-diminishing energy projected by humanity, everything that our subconscious would engage with is life-enhancing, because that is the flow of creative life force, which the subconscious recognizes as the essence of Being, radiating unconditional acceptance and love. This is our natural state of Being, in which we can create everything we want to experience.


If we feel a contraction of our life force in any moment, it’s a sign for us to refocus on the radiance of love and light.  This focus aligns us with the enhanced flow of creative life force, resulting in a freshening of our spirit. We can stop projecting our bias, and instead experience the energies we deeply desire, just by paying attention to them in every moment that we can. Knowingly or unknowingly, we are the source of the qualities of our experiences by the energetics that we radiate and attract. At all times, we can be aware of how we are and make adjustments as necessary to maintain high-dimensional awareness.


Although the ego is determined to keep us occupied with a background of fear, so that we do not consider escaping from duality. The ego realizes no possibility beyond material expression, which is constantly created by human imaginary realization. Quantum physics has confirmed that everything from subatomic entities to our entire world is a play of electromagnetic energies spinning and associating in patterns that our own subconscious awareness interacts with, resulting in our perception of physicality. Everything we consider as material is just frequencies of wave patterns that we recognize.


It is possible to transcend all fears and needs. This life is a scripted play that we’re acting in, and we’re learning how to direct ourselves and rewrite our script to our satisfaction in alignment with the flow of our life force. To be successful at creating only what our heart desires, we must pay attention to those expressions in everything we think about and imagine. By living in gratitude, joy and love, we come to realize our essence beyond spacetime and our potential creative power as fractals in the consciousness of the Creator.

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