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The Path of Gratitude, Love and Joy

Every area of life has its beauty and magnificence, if we open our awareness to it. We are lovers of creative genius in all its expressions. Great art, music, song, dance and every creation that comes out of passionate alignment with our innate Being arises from our intuitive connection with expansive consciousness. We are lovers of great poetry and mathematical genius. These are also expressions of the heart of our Being.


Because we are in control of our state of being, we align with the vibrations that predominate in our awareness. To the extent that we are intentional in every moment, we create a vibratory spectrum that becomes our reality. There is no compulsion outside of ourselves that determines how we feel. When we live intentionally in alignment with gratitude, love and joy, our subconscious pays attention and helps us to manifest our heart’s desires.


There is nothing we need to pay attention to except feeling grateful, joyful and loving. These are the energies that carry us into a realm beyond karma and provide a background consciousness for our intentions in all aspects of life. Miraculous pathways open for us, and everything we need in every moment arises in our experience. We just need to be present and aware of our presence in alignment with life-enhancement for all. This awareness is drawing us into an energetic alignment with higher consciousness and enables us to live in a reality that we love.


As we live in the moment, with joy in our heart, we transform our lives into experiences of infinite awareness and understanding in the fullness of each moment. We become aware of the energies we hold in our attention and how we use them creatively. Developing this awareness is a process that we can practice until it dawns in our realization that we are living in a world that we appreciate and love.


Until we resolve, release and transcend our limiting beliefs, we will encounter obstacles, that are actually lessons in asking us to pay closer attention to our inner knowing. Once we learn to do this, we always know what to do and how to understand it. Life becomes easy, because we are in alignment with the consciousness of our Creator. We can realize that there is only one consciousness, and we can extend our awareness throughout it. Knowing the creative intent of the consciousness that creates everything, enables us to expand the light of our heart in our radiance and experience.

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