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The Origin and Destiny of Our Ego-Self

Our ego consciousness is an extension of our true Being, but conceived in limitation. We wanted to experience living in duality, and we chose to limit our consciousness in convincing ways, so that we could believe our human experiences are real. When we choose to resolve our limitations, the ego returns its life force to us. Henceforth we can be guided by our intuitive knowing. Resolving our limitations is possible with higher guidance, which the ego has no awareness of. Although we have deeply believed that we are our ego, we are much greater, and we can open ourselves to this realization.

Only our doubt and fear of failure keep our creativity limited. We can create instantly when we know that we are the infinitely powerful Creator, far beyond the limitations of humanity. We can align ourselves with the most positive, highest vibrating feelings that are possible for us. This level of energetics is where we can most easily be aware of our intuitive guidance and inner sound current, which disappear from our awareness when we are not paying attention to them.

Developing precise sensitivity to our intuition makes it possible for us to transcend ego-limitations and expand our awareness beyond the duality of the compartment of human consciousness. We can enter the world of only positive energetics, which we feel as love, gratitude, compassion, freedom, and joy.

We can feel completely supported by our unlimited creativity. Without doubt in our abilities, we can live from the love and vitality of our heart in our encounters with others and with nature. All of our intentional creations manifest in our experience with the quality of our state of being when we conceive of them. When we imagine living in gratitude and joy, we are aligning with the energy of life-enhancement arising from the consciousness of the Creator. We can open our awareness to universal consciousness.

In our true Self, we are unlimited in awareness and creative ability. We define ourselves by the energetic levels that we choose to pay attention to. It is possible for us to be aware of our greater Self. This completely transforms our human experience and enables us to be fully-conscious creators of the quality of our lives in every aspect. The ego-mind disappears from our lack of attention to it, and we no longer need to think about things. We can be our present awareness, knowing and understanding the present moment always, while going about our lives.

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