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The Importance of Self-Trust

Much of our conscious expansion depends upon our ability to trust ourselves. In order to be truly open to higher vibrations, we need to be able to stay aligned with the energy of our heart in every moment. Only by being able to do this can we trust ourselves to stay positive and unencumbered emotionally. This is a challenge, because we have deep attachments to limiting beliefs and cravings that need resolution. We can accomplish this by facing our doubts and fears with compassion and inner knowing. Practicing just being present awareness can be a way to expand our consciousness, because we become able to align with our intuition.

If we trust ourselves, having faced our fears, can we be open to higher consciousness. We can resolve our fears through opening our awareness to the conscious life force coming to us through the heart of our Being. It is beyond time and space, but we can be aware of its presence by how it feels, when we are just present awareness. It is our connection to all conscious beings and has the vibration of unconditional love and joy. This is the creative consciousness of our true Being, and it is life-enhancing in every way.

As we learn to be sensitive to our intuition, we can gain confidence that we are always guided by higher consciousness and always know everything we want to know. This can happen after we clear our traumas with love and compassion. We’ve gone deep into negative energy and have emotional scars from these experiences, but whenever we choose, and this may require strong intention, we can forgive everyone involved, including ourselves, and move out of those scenes into a positive realm.

Everything we experience is a reflection of our own conscious expressions. Until we resolve our deepest fears, we cannot be emotionally clear and trustworthy to ourselves, because we have been subconsciously creating negative situations, even if we have been intentionally positive in our conscious awareness. To come into alignment with our subconscious innate being, we can recognize this part of ourselves as our devoted servant, who manages our bodies according to our level of vibratory resonance and enables us to function in the world. By being grateful and appreciative for all that our innate self does for us, we can align our energies with compassion and love. By maintaining this level of vibration, we are becoming expressions of divine light, and we can interface with our innate consciousness to regenerate our bodies.

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