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The Dawning of Our New Day

When we are seriously on the path to inner knowing of our expanding Self, we can begin each day greeting the Sun with gratitude and opening ourselves to the infinite One that we can know and align with. We can ground ourselves by walking barefoot on the Earth for a while. Listening to the inner sound current brings us into present awareness all around and draws us into a higher vibratory state, in which we can more easily be joyous and expansive.

In this state of being, we can transcend our ego-consciousness and invite our guides and angels to draw us into feeling their presence, as we open to higher consciousness. All conscious beings have a radiant presence, which we may feel. As we live through each day, we can feel the quality of energy that we pay attention to. At the same time, we can remain in an elevated state of joy and gratitude for each experience. Any challenging situations, in which we face strong negative energy, can be transformed by our steadfast alignment with a positive perspective. When we are completely positive, consciously and subconsciously, negative energy cannot reach us, because it is not real for us, and we no longer give it our life force. It is only a memory.

Nothing happens by accident, and everything is patterns of energies, some of which we perceive as our reality. We are able to change the quality of energetics in our presence by our perspective and state of being. It happens in every moment, as we direct or accept our thoughts and feelings. We are not punished or rewarded. We experience the qualities of energy that we pay attention to and align with, both in our empirical experiences and in our imagination.

Devotion to aligning with our inner truth draws us to experiences that enhance this perspective. Our experiences may not make sense to our ego-consciousness, which gradually fades away, as we learn to recognize our intuition on a deep level. Our limiting beliefs fade away as well, because we can become aware of our expanding eternal present awareness.

When we realize that we are limited only by our own beliefs about ourselves, we have the option of resolving them and opening ourselves to our expanding awareness. All of our limiting beliefs can be resolved by our intuitive knowing and cooperative alignment with our subconscious through compassionate understanding.

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