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While we are living in a dimension of limitations, we have no higher guidance, unless we seek it. This is especially true with limitations for ourselves. Limitations are held in our consciousness by fear. Without fear, we are unlimited. Realizing our infinite essence occurs naturally as we transform from fear to gratitude and joy in every moment. This is a path that requires much practice and positive intention. Although we have limited our awareness of the energetic expression of the consciousness of our heart, it transmits only infinite love and life-enhancement always and knows everything about our psyche and every cell in our body.

Even realizing what our beliefs are can be challenging. Their roots are deep within our psyche, and they have kept us from Self-Realization for eons. Everything about the ego is a distraction from knowing ourselves. Every decision of ego-consciousness is based on a misunderstanding of reality created with fear. The ego does not realize that its engagement with fear is life diminishing and self-destructive. The solution is self-transcendence beyond ego-consciousness through intentional awareness of, and alignment with, the heart of our Being.

By focusing on feeling grateful, compassionate and joyful, we can open ourselves to our heart-consciousness. At this vibratory level, we can be acutely aware of our intuition, prompting us with feelings and knowing beyond the realization of our ego-consciousness. Once we absorb and align with the frequency levels of our heart, we transcend ego-consciousness. We can develop the intuitive sensitivity to know innately what is true in every moment.

From the current human perspective, it is impossible to realize the limitless majesty of our own essence. To do so, we must transcend ego-consciousness, with its fear and doubt. As we become aware of them, we can resolve our limiting beliefs. When understood from heart-consciousness, they become unbelievable, and they dissolve from our awareness.

Freeing ourselves from our limiting beliefs is a path to knowing and being our infinite Self. By being in gratitude, compassion and joy, we can begin to align with the vibrations of the intuitive expressions of our heart-consciousness. This opens us to the realization of our eternal presence of awareness with infinite abilities, flowing through our heart-consciousness into every cell of our body, limited only by our beliefs about ourselves.

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