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Coming to Know Our Infinite Self

Right now, we’re all here in this dimension, influencing and receiving each-other’s radiance. Some of us have become aware of a larger reality that expands into infinity. Being aware of what it is, we can realize our own presence of awareness beyond spacetime. We are non-localized and infinite in our essence. We are everyone and everything, and at the same time nothing and nowhere. In our essence, we are beyond physicality and dimensions, and we are also embodied as our human persons. Our reality is beyond words and thoughts, but it exists in our realization. Through our intuition, we can gain expanded realization about everything.


As we practice releasing our resistance to life-enhancement, we begin to travel the path to Self-Realization of our true essence. Along the way, we can recognize our self-imposed biases about life. When we accept them, we can resolve them by realizing that we created them without the higher guidance that we have become aware of. When we open ourselves to our deepest, heart-felt, energetic vibratory patterns, there are worlds beyond worlds that we can be aware of. This we do, by giving each of them our attention and recognition through our desire and intention. When we are in love, we can receive our experiences in gratitude and joy, regardless of any energies outside of ourselves. This is our natural state of Being in unending majesty and greatness of living.


As we open ourselves to realizing our true presence of awareness, we can choose to be in alignment with the life-enhancing vibratory patterns of our heart-consciousness. Instead of paying attention to circumstances that we feel as life-diminishing, we can focus on the nature of the challenge with the fear that arises in us. When we change the fear to gratitude in our circumstances, we conquer the fear by changing our polarity from negative to positive. Our frequency becomes elevated and our life conditions change according to our energetic signature.


To many of us, the belief that at some point we all fall into permanent unconsciousness along with the demise of the body engenders imaginary fear of the unknown. Actually, unconsciousness does not exist. The conscious mind can go to sleep, but the subconscious is always awake and aligned with the vibratory patterns that we predominantly pay attention to.  Even in outer space there is consciousness. Astro physicists have discovered that what we thought was empty, unconscious space is a plasma of electromagnetic energy patterns, just like the space in the atoms of our bodies.


There is much that our conscious minds cannot know, including our own eternal and infinite essence. The conscious mind is an energetic expression that we create to experience the intensity of the empirical world. As part of our presence of awareness, it operates without the higher guidance of our deepest knowing, but it can be trained to live in gratitude and joy, while being aware of the light in everyone and every experience.

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