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Reflections of Higher Consciousness

We can be poised on the limits of human awareness, wondering about the potential of our consciousness and how to enhance our awareness of it. We can feel and know if our personal vibration is positive or negative in any moment. We can sharpen our awareness and penetrate the energy patterns that we confront with our own energy signature. We feel and know when something resonates with us. This is attractive energy.

As we move through our life experiences, every encounter has potential outcomes that change with our own emotional polarity. We are the directors of the quality of our own energy in every moment. Each vibratory pattern that we align with in every moment reflects its own energetic level and creates qualities in approaching energetic patterns of empirical experiences.

There is a natural flow of life that we can align with, and we can know the quality of vibrations that we choose to focus on. We can intentionally choose to be aware of positive, high vibrations in every moment that is possible for us. By keeping our vibrations high, we enhance our life experiences in every moment in which we are positive. Any departure from resonance with our energetic essence results in instability and limitation of our consciousness. We tend to block our awareness from what we do not want.

On an energetic level, we tend to block our awareness of polarity and vibratory levels beyond our personal resonance. Our experiences are filtered through our acquired perspective. All of our limiting beliefs are based on some level of fear. If we can recognize this and accept it with deep understanding and compassion we can resolve our personal attachments to our beliefs in limitation, and we can be clear in our understanding of each moment.

Once we are mentally and emotionally clear, we can realize our intuitive guidance in so many ways. It can come to us in visions, feelings that arise, writing, hearing an inner voice and even what we speak, signs, photos, and many more ways that subtly direct our attention to more loving and joyful vibrations that we can align with and express, elevating everything around us.

When we are awake to these inner promptings of guidance and enhancement, we naturally become more compassionate, grateful and free. Sensitivity to our intuition is all we need for masterful guidance in joyful living.

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