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Recognizing and Transcending Our Limitations

Because we have created, intentionally or subconsciously, every personal experience, we can learn to recognize how we do this, and how to improve it. Our willingness to doubt our inherent abilities has limited us to living in duality. As long as we believe in doubt, we introduce dissonant energies into our creations, keeping them from manifesting the way we want.

There are things we can do to replace our doubts with fulfillment. We can expand our awareness in increments by imagining what we want and choosing something better than where we currently are. We can start with things that we would not completely believe are possible for us, but that we can stretch our belief into realizing them as real for us. Every kind of fulfillment begins in life-enhancing love and joy. When we can imagine and feel ourselves living more wonderful and satisfying lives, we can pay attention to the intuition of our heart-consciousness and feel ourselves living in alignment with the fulfillment of greater love.

This experience is beyond ego-consciousness and opens us to greater awareness of who we are within infinite consciousness. In this state of Being, anything is possible, because we have no limits. We are infinitely powerful creators in every dimension, but we cannot interfere with the consciousness of another self.

Although we’ve been living under difficult limitations for eons, we are not required to do so. It is voluntary. We are held within our limitations solely by our own beliefs about ourselves. These are very deep and hidden in our subconscious, and they are shared by all of us. They are based in fear and belief in our mortality. In order to resolve them all, we can develop acute sensitivity to our intuitive knowing and feeling. We have a conscious connection with infinite awareness, and to access it, we need to realize our connection.

Belief in our finiteness and inferiority has made us vulnerable to control. But it is only our belief that makes us vulnerable. Without our acceptance and alignment with limitation, we could not experience its energies, even if it is pervasive around us. Our powers of energetic choice and focus of attention cannot be impinged upon and are the initiators of our creativity in every moment.

Experiencing the fulfillment of our desires is a conscious choice. We can believe that we are limited in what we can manifest, or we can believe that we are unlimited. There is no difference between these beliefs, except for the results of what we experience. If we want to live in the energy of our heart-consciousness, we can begin by believing it is possible and then sensitizing ourselves to our inner guidance, which is our connection with greater awareness of creative joy and gratitude.

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