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Realizing the Greatness of Who We Are

Although our awareness is potentially infinite, in our lives as humans, our awareness is only within the limits of our beliefs about ourselves. If we can imagine what part of us lives beyond our physical presence, eventually we can realize that we are our presence of awareness, and we are unlimited in every way. At first we don’t necessarily know our abilities, or even the presence of our inner knowing. For eons we’ve been living haphazardly under the guidance of the ego. We can transcend ego-consciousness by focusing on the energy of our heart. It is our conscious life-source, empowering us to live the way we believe we should within any belief structure that we have accepted as true. It is our choice whether to believe that we are rich or poor, free or enslaved, normal or handicapped, bright or dull. Powerful beliefs can be thoroughly examined down into our subconscious to find their origin. This is where we hold our deepest fears, which anchor our lives to negative experiences and limitations. Fears are based on a misunderstanding of reality and ignorance of our essence.

If we wish to know these things, we must open ourselves to their energetic radiance. It immediately becomes clear if we’re dealing with positive or negative energy. If it’s positive, we can trust it to be life-enhancing, stimulating us to feel good in its presence. In this state of being, we can use our power of choice to imagine that we are living in the energetic expression of our heart and feel its vibrations. We can do this in every situation in the best way that we can. Eventually we can be confident that we know how to be and what to do always, as we practice following what we feel in our life-source.

In our thoughts and emotions, we can choose to be grateful and life-enhancing for all within our energetic radiance, and we can express ourselves in alignment with our intuition. By living this way, we can transform our lives from the situation we have become accustomed to, to a life of fulfillment and joy.

When we realize that our empirical world is an expression of consciousness that we have aligned with energetically, we can begin to live with intention and freedom. We experience living in the qualities of our mental and emotional processes. It all happens within our own realization, by believing what we believe. By recognizing, resolving, and transcending our negative beliefs about ourselves, we open ourselves to realization of our infinite awareness and creative ability

Existing forever in universal consciousness, we are free to realize as much of it as we choose. The current of our life-force is carrying us to renewal, regeneration and Self-Realization as fractals of infinite creative, life-enhancing consciousness. It is the same life-stream shared with our planet and all the beings beyond. We are being carried into a new era of love, beauty, joy and fulfillment in every way.

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