Our Unlimited and Expanding Self

Just as there is one life, the life that enlivens all conscious beings, so there is one consciousness that we all participate in and share. Universal consciousness pervades and expresses itself in all beings. It is the source and essence of our individual life. Our every aspect and constituent subatomic particle/wave participates consciously in this force of life. We have the kind of self-realization that enables us to wield the creative power of universal consciousness with our freedom of choice. In every moment we choose, consciously or subconsciously, the kind of creative energy we align ourselves with.

Although we participate in a world defined by time and space, this energetic dimension does not limit our conscious awareness, except as we allow, through our limiting beliefs about ourselves. In our essence we are unlimited. Only as we limit ourselves can we create a realm of duality and imperfection. Now that we are thoroughly anchored in our limitations, to the point that we can hardly imagine being unlimited, we are being challenged by the energies of nature and our galactic environment to expand into a greater version of ourselves.

It may appear that we are limited by many forces outside of ourselves—our family, job, government, police, health provider, local mafia, and many other social, economic and political entities. All of this, however, is a manifestation of consciousness. Within ourselves, we are free to feel however we choose about anything and anyone.

If we choose to align ourselves with energies beyond polarity, where everyone and everything expresses the enjoyment and enhancement of life, we can realize that circumstances around us transform to accommodate the expression of our thoughts and feelings. By choosing to see the brightness of universal consciousness in everyone we encounter and to feel gratitude and joy, we can begin to resolve our limitations. In every moment intending to be kind and compassionate enables us to develop transparent relationships, including with our subconscious.

We have become so identified with our empirical human experience, that it is a great challenge to open ourselves to our unlimited presence of awareness and our infinite creative power. In our limited ego-consciousness, we cannot even believe that could be our truth. Even in our limited awareness, we still have our intuitive connection with universal consciousness through the energy of our heart. If we can learn to recognize our intuitive knowing and feeling, we can be guided to realizing our expansive Self.

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