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Our Great Opportunity as Humans

When we are identifying with our heart-consciousness, we only need to know how to be in the present moment. We always know what we need to know. The past or the future are meaningless, because we can change them, due to our ability to modulate energy with our life force. It is always the present moment that we are living in, even beyond time and space. In our essence, we are timeless, infinite, always present, and can express ourselves in any dimension and form.

Here we are expressing ourselves as humans with ego-consciousness. We have hidden our true identity behind limiting beliefs about our human selves, but we have kept our true presence in the essence of our intuition. When we can align with its vibrations in our heart-consciousness, this presence of limitless awareness is available for our transcendence beyond our human self-awareness.

When we desire to be filled with our intuitive vibrations, we can find them within by aligning our state of being with the presence of everything that is wonderful and fulfilling. Heart-consciousness is always expansive, inspiring and ever-aware. It encourages joyful, transcendent living. When we open ourselves to it and desire it, this is the guidance that we can receive. It is always present, and it gives us what we need just before we need it. It is aware of the cosmic plan that we are participating in. It is never intrusive, but it is an expression that we know and feel within. It is how we innately know what we know. We can even open ourselves further with greater gratitude and joy, and know what we don’t know now.

Because we are fractals of Creator Consciousness, we participate in universal consciousness and can utilize all of its infinite abilities for whatever we desire. So that we are not destructive, we’ve been in training, under limiting conditions, to learn to choose only what we truly love, until we can trust ourselves to desire to enhance all life always. Released from personal limitations, we are free to create the most joyful and fun experiences our heart desires.

In our essence we have no personal needs of any kind, because our fulfillment occurs when we desire it. We are free to experience any kind of energy that we desire. If we choose to live in the energy of our heart-consciousness, we are guided by our intuition to the most favorable expression of what we want.

As fractals of universal consciousness, we create our experiences with our own consciousness. We are the cause of everything we experience. We’re learning the rules of the game of human life in this dimension of duality, and it is possible to understand it in terms of quantum energetics. Once we understand it, and we become Self-Aware intuitively, we can be the true directors of our lives.

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