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Our Experience of Consciousness. Thought, Belief and Realization

Consciousness is universal. It is the essence of the Creator of all and is the creative basis of everything that exists. It is present in everything and envelops everything. It is the source of our life, and it provides us with our personal identity. As quantum physicists have shown us, this is true for all conscious beings, even the smallest sub-atomic particles/waves. We participate in universal consciousness as much as we allow ourselves to know this.

Just as any part of a hologram is a fractal of the whole and contains the whole, our individualized consciousness is a fractal of the whole. Our consciousness enables us to be infinitely creative through our use of the creative aspects of our being. We have a direct connection with universal consciousness through the intuition of our heart. Intuition is not a mental or emotional process. It is direct realization, a kind of knowing that has an energetic quality that feels like life-enhancement and unconditional love. It is elevating and inspiring and can be unerringly available to us only when we are open and attuned with it. If we want guidance for the true path of our life, this is where we can find it.

Because we are individualized Creator consciousness, we have free will to restrict our awareness by creating limiting beliefs about ourselves. We have created our ego-consciousness, which operates through our beliefs to enable us to have the full experience of living in duality in apparent separation from our full consciousness. It is a very convincing experience, so convincing that we have become entranced with the power of negativity in our experience. Duality and negativity are our own creation. Without our recognition and belief in the reality of the negative, it could not exist. It has no conscious life force from the Creator, only from us through our engagement and alignment with its polarity and vibration. It is created and held in the consciousness of humanity, and we are the ones who can dissolve it.

If we release our own belief in our limitations and in the reality of two powers of opposite polarity, we can free ourselves to realize our true Being. Our limiting beliefs are deeply set in our awareness and are resolved with great difficulty, but if we are strongly intent on realizing our truth, we can succeed in becoming the masters of our lives by opening ourselves to the wonders and richness of our intuition.

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