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Our Deepest Love

We’re learning how to be loved, truly loved, because we are. It’s time for us to awaken to our reality. Love and joy are our nature. We do not need to receive them. We already have them in their fullness, because they are the essence in every cell and atom of our physical presence and our entire consciousness. We only need to recognize them and be aware of them. They are most radiant in the consciousness of our heart. We know them through our intuition as the most life-enhancing thoughts and feelings that we have.

We are creators and energetic modulators by the vibrations of how we feel about ourselves in every moment. Everything we could ever want is available in the plasma field of energetic patterns that envelopes us. When we align our attention and emotions with the vibratory spectrum that we deeply desire, our fulfillment comes into our experience. If we want to experience deeper love, we can look into our essence, to our deepest intuition in the energy of the heart and source of our conscious life force, our inner knowing. It is the consciousness of our heart, physical and etheric. It is eternal, infinite love and joy in our presence of awareness.

Every experience in our lives originates in the vibratory spectrum of our state of being, consisting of how negative or positive we are in our thoughts and feelings about everyone and everything. Our emotions are magnetic, and they attract their own quality of vibrations. When we fill ourselves with gratitude and love in every moment, regardless of the energy around us, we bring their energies into our experience. By being grateful for every experience, and by loving everyone and everything, we remove ourselves from subjection to life-diminishing experiences.

We live enveloped in unconditional love, providing everything we could want. By aligning our thoughts, beliefs and emotions with everything that enhances life, we participate in the creative consciousness that is the source of our life. By resolving and transcending our limiting beliefs about ourselves, we gain access to infinite awareness and the unlimited creative power of our true essence. We can be the directors of our lives in complete sovereignty and freedom, expressing goodness throughout our entire Being. We can choose to expand our awareness beyond our deeply-set limiting beliefs and be in alignment with the infinite consciousness that we participate in, and whose vitality we constantly receive through the consciousness of our heart.

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