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Opening Our Awareness to Personal Regeneration

Our physical body arises from our consciousness, and we created the realization of our body. With our personal energetic expressions we have attracted every swirling vortex of light comprising our physical presence, from the minutest subatomic entities, all vibrating in resonance with our energy signature. We can feel this, and our senses are aware of their empirical stimulation. Our bodies are patterns of energy held in form by our awareness and recognition. By recognizing energetic patterns, we bring them into our realization as real. If we do not recognize them, they do not come into our personal experience. If we recognize them, and we also admire them and align with them, we bring them into our space/time experience; otherwise they’re passing waves in a spectrum of energy that exists in a dimension other than ours. This is true for the qualities of our body, as well as the defects we impose on ourselves by our limiting beliefs.

When we harbor any kind of negativity, we interfere and destabilize the life processes in our psyche and our body. We focus on disharmonious wave patterns. If we want to create resonance within our personal awareness, we must align with our true vibratory essence, as expressed through the heart of our Being. This results in clearing out of our awareness the defects and life-diminishing thoughts and feelings arising from our limiting beliefs about ourselves. Depending on how closely we resonate with our true essence, we transform our physical presence in alignment with our consciousness.

This kind of transformation has often taken years to complete, but it could happen instantly, if we can completely direct our attention to the spectrum of infinite love, joy and fulfillment in every way. We can use our imagination and call on our guides and angels to inspire us. We are all aspects of the same Being and can have psychic effects on one another. Our energy is most powerful when we are in alignment with the qualities of our guides and angels, as well as our heart. When we withdraw our attention from all of our old patterns of thought and emotion, we can open our awareness to a realm of love and beauty.

As we allow our imagination to drift and our emotions to arise naturally with the intent of realizing life-enhancing experiences for all, we can align ourselves with our true presence of awareness and our intuitive knowing of the essence of our infinite consciousness.

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