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Living in a Dimensional Shift

When we realize our true essence, we can afford to be innocent and with pure intentions. We can have no agenda and just be present in awareness, enjoying each moment, regardless of any incoming energies. In aligning with the energy of innocence, we can realize its reality in our presence, and this opens our awareness to a higher dimension of our Being. We can begin to realize that we are infinite. In this realization, we find personal fulfillment in every way, and we can find joy and love in every encounter. Our lives become easy and wonderful, guided by our deepest intuition.

For this to happen, we can be willing to release everything we think we know and believe about ourselves. We are incarnated here to learn about the qualities of energetic patterns and to use our free will to form the experiences we most desire. By learning how to use our creative ability, we can imagine the qualities we love being present in everything and everyone, and we can interface with these qualities in our encounters.

As we open to the vibratory expressions of the heart of our Being, our intuition becomes clear. By following its prompting and knowing, we can align with its life-enhancing vibrations. Through constant alignment with these energies, we cannot be threatened, because our presence of awareness is eternal, and our consciousness is infinite and includes all personal consciousnesses. We exist in many dimensions of consciousness and are transitioning into a dimension in which time and space as we have known them, are combining into a four-dimensional empirical reality. Time and space are becoming equal parts of the same entity, the entity of spacetime. It is a crystalline dimension in which everyone’s DNA molecules are in alignment with the vibratory resonance with our heart-consciousness.

In our present moment, we can share in this consciousness of four dimensions with the spacetime bio-crystalline awareness of vitality and life-enhancement. We can enter the infinite consciousness of the Creator of all, and we can realize our own infinite awareness. Our consciousness encompasses everything, and we can be aware of the awareness of all conscious beings, while also transforming our lives as humans into whatever expressions of ourselves we choose.

As fractals of Creator Consciousness, we create in every moment. The qualities of our thoughts and feelings radiate into the quantum field and manifest as the qualities of our experiences. By being observant and aware of how our energetics work through our mental and emotional processes, filtered through our beliefs, we can learn to create the lives we truly want, while being aware of our own greater Being.

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