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Life as a Play of Consciousness

When we create positive vibrations intentionally, we enhance our personal lives, and we align ourselves with the energies of nature. We provide a vibratory environment that enhances all of humanity. If our state of being is entirely positive and felt as gratitude, love and compassion, it is in alignment with universal consciousness through our intuition. Because we are all the same essence of consciousness, we affect everyone with our own attention and resonance. When we align with the source of our conscious life force in life-enhancing vibrations, we have the infinite power of universal consciousness guiding and advising us for the greatest expressions of infinite love and creative power. Because we are all the same Being in our essence, the energies of everyone are within us all constantly.

Everything that happens is within our own consciousness. Regardless of what energies are vying for our attention, we have the choice of directing our focus to the qualities of life that we want to experience, and to imagine and feel those qualities now. We have the power to choose the subject of our attention and our perspective about it. If we want to create abundance for ourselves, but it involves diminishing someone else, we are coming from ego-consciousness. The ego does not understand that everything that is true in our lives is supportive of everyone, including us. This is part of the magical power of unconditional love.

If we are in alignment with life-enhancing energy, and we realize the essence of our free will, we cannot help or hinder another being unless we are invited. When invited, our true help is energetically pervasive on all levels. Everything we realize about that being is of the light. We are not required to recognize any negativity or realize that something negative could be real. Negativity is energetically repelled from us without any of our conscious life force to support it.

Being aware of the nature and operation of the electromagnetic energies that underlie our dualistic empirical world, is a first step toward enlightenment. Once we know that everything is a play of consciousness, and that we are the creators of our play, we can use our own awareness to create the lives we want and to benefit everyone as well.

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