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Learning to Realize Who We Are

It is possible for us now to come into realization of our divine Presence. In every moment we are given the potential of Self-Realization as infinitely powerful creator Beings, but in our compartmentalized human awareness, we do not believe it, and our ego cannot allow us to open our awareness to our true Self. We have become so encapsulated within our ego consciousness, that we cannot break out of our hypnotic trance without a powerful intention to expand our awareness.

Once we have decided to awaken to the truth of our Self-identity, we can begin to search for ways to direct our attention to realize our fulfillment. Our primary assets in this quest are our mental and emotional abilities. To be able to use these abilities successfully, we must isolate ourselves from the world of humanity and acquaint ourselves with our inner knowing.

It can be most helpful to find a beautiful place in nature, where we can be alone and allow ourselves to use our feelings to connect with the vibrations of the Spirit of our planet. Here we can hear our inner sound current and direct our attention to feeling the acceptance of nature and the nurturing love emanating from within the Earth. If we ask for it, we can feel quiet joy supporting the enhancement of all of life. This connection with Gaia can open our awareness to a reality beyond our normal synthetic human experience.

We are of the Earth, and we are much more, as we can come to realize within our own inner being. It is important to recognize the qualities of energies within and around us. Regardless of the energies vying for our attention, we can choose the qualities that we wish to experience. We can control our focus and the resulting flow of our life force, which is our creative power.

Although we’ve learned to be ambiguous in our evaluations and intentions, always embodying dualism, we can realize our true nature when we decide to embody unconditional love in a life-enhancing perspective that encompasses all conscious life everywhere. As we learn to wield our mental and emotional powers in perceptual clarity, our loving perspective provides a sense of mastery beyond ego-consciousness in every circumstance that we encounter.

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